Have you wanted to look for software that can analyze data, information, or graph more efficiently than MS Excel or other spreadsheets? The answer to your problem would most definitely be the “Microsoft Access 2013”, a software which can help you effectively analyze huge volumes of data and handle similar data than Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet. It also assists its users to track and report essential data using database solutions.

FULL NAME:Microsoft Access 2013

Microsoft Access 2013, is a database management software developed by Microsoft. It is an upgrade over Microsoft’s Spreadsheet software, the MS Excel. MS Access can offer fewer inconsistencies and has much higher productivity than MS Excel; it offers a versatile set of instruments that are adequately advanced for experienced developers, and easy for new users to understand. It can build or use robust database systems that make extensive data more straightforward than ever to organize, view and distribute.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the promising features of this powerful software and how you can install it on your MAC or PC.

Key Features of Microsoft Access

Data Exporting

If you have a more significant amount of related data from so many different sources, the function of exporting access data is beneficial. You can conveniently export all your associated data to Excel as part of this feature.

Tell me function

With the aid of the Tell Me functionality, you can now conveniently build forms, questions, tables and files. Currently, this feature is integrated into the search bar for apps. It is a new substitute for “Clippy,” the old paperclip assistant. You will get support by clicking or pressing the question mark and entering the query in the application’s top-right search area.

Output Reports in PDF Format

It is still normal these days to share the archive via electronic image formats or popularly known as fixed formats such as PDF and XPS.

Access enables users to create a report on the ribbon in electronic image files through the EXTERNAL DATA tab. Well, even users who do not have an activated access program on their device will read these reports since it is possible to open a PDF file on an Adobe reader.

The report and database are conveniently shared in PDF format, which is why the use of the access application has dramatically increased. Users enjoy the sort of production that makes reporting via email simple and easy to transmit.


The query grid is also a very efficient and useful access function that helps users to fetch information from the tables they have developed. The SQL window is an access function which provides an alternative to the query grid. In this browser, users familiar with the SQL syntax will insert their comments. The statements are then executed by pressing the “Run” button on the toolbar.

Microsoft Office Access 2013 – Logos Download

Another helpful feature for data fetching is the query wizard. When the user clicks on the button for this function, in reaction to user feedback on the wizard’s screens, access produces a SQL comment. Users with Access rely on this tool to recover their stored data.

Allows Users to Customize Using VBA Codes

Developers using the software can build a custom solution using VBA code for their database. This VBA code is an efficient programming language which for particular programs consists of a code/command.

Instructions can automatically trigger actions to take place. This important feature enables developers to use advanced automation, multi-user support, error trapping, and data validation in their databases to expand simple custom end-user solutions to technical ones.

When you run the program, the commands will trigger actions to take place immediately. Through using advanced automation, data authentication, error trapping, and multi-user support in their databases, this necessary functionality helps developers to expand simple custom end-user solutions to a technical solution.

Report View organizes the list of reports.

The MS Access report is seen on the computer in report mode, which users would like to view. The new Report View function helps users to execute ad hoc filtering close to how they would filter forms on a report. Users will also be allowed to pick the specific field that they wish to see on their reports. You can do this by choosing the preference from more than one table. 

Effortless Building and Publishing of Web Database

Microsoft users may either build their database or if appropriate, construct a database using a readily accessible template. If you are a person of the technological lover kind, you can design your database with the web database. There is also plenty about those who need guidance or are not sure of what their project tables are. As a consequence, they will use the prototype that is open to them. There is a massive compilation of the Microsoft Access prototype for certain widely used databases that users require.

Front End For Enterprise-Wide Client/Server Applications

Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle client/server accounts, for example, process requests on the server computer and return to the workstation. The server program does not show data to the customer; the rescue is accessed in those circumstances. Access acts as a front end, and reports, datasheets or forms display the data collected from the database server. Uh, if the consumer. When the user modifies an entry form, the workstation will send the update to the back-end database.

You can achieve this role either by connecting these external databases to both you and other users or by using techniques to access client/server data directly.

How to Download and Install Microsoft Access 2013 on PC

Unfortunately, The Microsoft Access 2013 can’t be used or downloaded on a MAC or any IOS Devices. Nevertheless, this is how you can download and install it using a Windows PC – this is just a brief and quite straightforward step-by-step process to download Microsoft Access on your PC.

  • Visit the official website of Microsoft, to be precise, click this link 
  • Download the file by pressing the download button and pick the version (x86 or x64) that matches the office installation. 
  • Click + Enter the AccessRunTime.exe file in your desktop and proceed with the initiation of the setup.
  • Read the user’s agreement and follow the step shown on the computer screen to complete the installation.

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