To make any keyboardist’s dream come true, KEYSCAPE has come up with a striking virtual instrument introducing the largest selection of collector keyboards in the world ranging from “holy grail” pianos to great keyboards you didn’t even know existed.

FULL NAME:Keyscape

Keyscape has worked for over ten years to develop sounds that are compelling and highly expressive. To bring to life each of these coveted keyboards, they were extensively sampled and cautiously restored by the renowned Spectra Sonics Sound Development Team. This incredible attention to subtle details and extra care given to each of the instruments allowed them to develop authentic tones to a whole new level.

Not only keyboardists, but Keyscape also provides a useful alternative in studios to producers and composers with equal ease and simplicity. It gives the very best instruments available to the user anywhere and anytime. With the help of the powerful STEAM Engine, Keyscape quickly turns unreal sounds from these coveted instruments of history into amazingly innovative new sounds of the Future.

Key Features

Custom Controls

Keyscape comes with built-in custom control presented for each patch that allows the user to go beyond the available scope of sounds. Convenient performance controls and high-quality effects processing is included in the in-built interface specially crafted for each patch. To dramatically tailor these iconic sounds to one’s music, a range of patches is included which exhibit the notable versatility and capability of the software.

Authentic Expression

What makes Keyscape stand out is their detail to imperfection with these many collector instruments, giving them an authentic and exciting tone. Instead of clearing up all the eccentric quirks of the instruments, they closely captured the details, which is what sets a big part of the vibe. They have closely modelled the audio response and mojo of classic effects units, vintage amplifiers, and exclusive subtleties like mechanical noises, pedal noises, and release overtones to produce sounds that are at a whole new level of authenticity and dynamic expression.

Spectrasonics - Keyscape - Collector Keyboards

Hybrid Duo Sound

Keyscape also includes a unique hybrid “Duo” sound which combines two of the instruments to create something entirely new, in addition to the hundreds of patches based on the 36 instrument models. It is the extraordinary timbre of these patches at Keyscape that make some of the most creative and inspiring sounds!

Omnisphere Integration

What’s an added benefit for the Omnisphere users is that Keyscape is fully compatible with the Omnisphere interface as a satellite instrument. Those who are willing to make use of Keyscape can do so by finding it as a plugin is the Omnisphere’s browser. This feature gives the user an excellent window to make full use of additional functions such as Live and Stack Mode, Multitimbrality, endless FX routings, and harness the full synthesis power of the STEAM Engine® and discover limitless new sonic possibilities and amalgamations.

Keyscape Creative Library

A cutting-edge library of over 1200 sound patches is included with Keyscape designed primarily for users who also have the Omnisphere 2. The deep synthesis capabilities of the Omnisphere have helped to transform the richly detailed keyboard sounds of Keyscape dramatically. For modern music producers, the patches from Keyscape offer a great range of remarkable sounds.

 Steps to get Keyscape full product

->Keyscape Download (Win/Mac)

1.  Go to the website https:/

2.  Select ‘WEBSTORE / TECHSHOP’ under the ‘SALES’ tab

3.  To download the latest edition, click on the Full Product button under Keyscape

4.  Add the product to your basket 

5.  Register if you don’t have an account already

6.  From here you can buy the product

7.  Install the software on your device and get started

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