Gns3 chain simulator has become a part of the day by day work for lots of network engineers around the world. It has become so popular that it even surpassed different community virtualization education answers. It all started with dynamics written by using Christophe fillet in 2005.


The software program became used for emulation of some of the cisco ios on desktop computer systems. Running ios, in reality, is a notable beginning, and gns3 (which stands for graphical network simulator) extended its capabilities via developing some other layer of capability, combining going for walks with snapshots inside community topologies. And that’s what modified the whole lot for the many that love to spend hours running community labs.

Features of the software:

  • Easy to use: One of the best things about Gns3 is that it is straightforward, and the interface is simple to use. Gns3 is a good router simulator, and it helps you to fix all the issues which you want accordingly. 
  • Not expensive: Expense is something that everyone cannot manage so with the help of Gns3, you don’t have to spend much from your pocket. The expense which you have managed right from the list is not so much. 
  • Packed and licensing: Another good thing about Gns3 is that it helps with the package and licensing units. It comes from Cisco systems and management and helps you with proper crew packing and licensing costs too. 
  • Necessary functional: Gns3 has a good topology which makes it such an excellent software to use. The ethernet comes with a roundabout packaging unit and a simple switch component with all the necessary functionalities to use. You can check all the router’s command-line interface while checking out what it has. 
  • Proper networking: Gns3 helps you with all your networking issues as well. It helps and simulates all the various types of degrees, depending on the quality of the network and also the complexity. You can include all the simple switches, routers and even the virtual PC as well. 
GNS3 - Atlantic Venture Forum
  • Proper connection: the VPC of Gns3 is effortless and easy to use. It comes with switches and routers with proper connection and networking management. It is straightforward and basic for the Linux version. It runs real on the ios simulation and even pon your basic windows software.

How to download it on your PC?

  1. Before you download Gns3, you need to go to their official site. The official site will have the download link and from where you can download the software to your computer and then later use it. 
  2. Once you have entered the website, go to the top right corner and search for the download link. The download link is displayed. 
  3. Once you click onto the link, the installation file will be saved to your system. Open the installation file. While you open the installation file, a dialogue box will be prompted, and from there, you will have to click on yes. 
  4. Once you have clicked onto the yes option, the file will be downloaded to your system. Open the file, and then you are ready to launch the software on your PC. 
  5. It can work if you have PC DAW, Windows 8 or 10. 

How to download it on your Mac?

  1. Open the link and then save the installation file to your MAC. 
  2. It is compatible with all devices. 
  3. Right from there, open the installation file and then download the software to your MAC. 
  4. Once the installation/download is done, you will be able to use the software on your MAC. 

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