GAPPs is simply an acronym for the phrase ‘Google Applications’. These are the proprietary apps that come pre-installed in all Android devices. Google Maps, Google Calendar, Gmail, etc are few of the many useful Google applications that we heavily rely on. They are immensely popular even among iOS users and if you have ever seen someone with an iPhone struggling to find a location, you should be grateful you have got Google maps on you at all times. Let’s admit it; GAPPs have more or less become a necessary accessory of our mobile devices. It is only in their absence that we realise how strongly we depend on them for easily accessible functions.

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Key Features Of GAPPS

  1. Customisable Packages

You ever had that one useless Google application that just sits listlessly in your device? Well turns out you can get rid of them in a smooth fashion.  You will find several GAPP packages on the play store and you get to decide which application breathes in your device and which doesn’t. I’m sure you are fed up with having Google Books on your device. Now you can get rid of it completely rather than just disabling it.

  1. Recovery Option

You can boot your GAPPs into your devices’ recovery log so that you don’t lose important data. The most used recovery button combination is holding the volume down button with the power button. Meanwhile, your Google account keeps tracks of your activities on all important GAPPs. Simply put, your contents are safely locked in a vault that can be accessed only by you.

How To Download It On PC/Mac

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GAPPs are unfortunately not part of the iOS system. But with some handy shortcuts, you are bound to get them onto your Apple powered devices. We will show you some of those methods:

  1. Downloading GAPPs on PC using Bluestacks

Step 1: Download the android emulator called Bluestacks from its website

Step 2: Launch the application once it finishes installing. Click on the magnifying glass icon that is located on the top of the screen.

Step 3:  Scour through the application’s search bar by typing in GAPPs. Select one that fits your taste.

Step 4: Give it a couple of minutes to download. Then press escape repeatedly to return to Bluestacks home screen where you will find your GAPPs.

If you want an alternative, then use NoxPlayer. The steps are pretty much similar to Bluestacks. We will use Nox to show how you download GAPPs onto your Mac.

  1. Downloading GAPPs on Mac using Nox

Step 1: Visit and download the Noxplayer. Once it installs, drag it into your applications folder.

Step 2: Open Nox. Sign in to your Google account so you can access the play store.

Step 3: Type the name of any Google application you need. Subsequently, click on download. Repeat the process with as many GAPPs as you want.

Step 4: After the applications have downloaded, you can launch it from your home screen just as you would for any Android device. 

Download for Windows

Note: Since Nox is designed for Android devices, you will find initial navigation a bit difficult.

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