Back in the yesteryears of gaming, when it was still nascent, and things were slowly evolving and becoming great, games on the gaming consoles did have their fair share in developing a good fanbase in terms of the game sit had to offer. 

FULL NAME:Duke Nukem 64

Shooting games then did bring upon some decent graphics and gameplay qualities based on the technological advancements made back then. But then one such title that did create dominance on many other games was Duke Nukem 64. 

The game was s first-person shooting game that was designed specifically for the Nintendo 64. The storyline of the game was nothing out of the box. Aliens are bad guys; you kill them, it’s that simple. But the killing part is where the game shines. 

There are different levels in the game, with each level getting challenging and more aliens coming up to kill you. It’s fun and exciting, given the time it was released. 

Duke Nukem 64
Duke Nukem 64

Which Emulator to be Used for the Game?

Though the game did have a P.C. version, the game’s O.G. feel can only be availed through the Nintendo 64. For the same, different emulators could help you in getting the best experience in playing the game. All of which are provided below. 

  • Project64 – windows. 
  • Mupen64plus – mac
  • Retro Arch – Linux. 

Choosing any one of the emulators, as mentioned above, will give you the best gameplay experience ever. Do try them out. 

Three Related Games


Doom64 happens to be a revamped version, with better graphics and character overhaul entirely. Don’t worry; the game still retains the essence of killing. Anything that appears to be slightly demonic is to be killed ASAP and needs no further instructions.

Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M

If you are allergic by even being near a bug? Then you should look at the other two options. The game is all about destroying bugs and wage war against the interstellar invaders. Stop the bug threat and save your planet at all costs. Though they have taken over most the world, it’s up to you to reverse that to a certain extent. 

Duke Nukem: Zero Hours

Well, the game looks quite realistic back when it was released. The storyline revolves around Duke, who has to stop the aliens by not messing up fabrique. It’s what the aliens are trying to do as of now. Its from a third person orientation and does provide some fantastic gameplay options with action-packed sequences. 

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