Have you ever thought that any story could be turned into a game? Well if your answer is no, then you’re wrong. There are thousands of mini or microgames that have been duplicating real-life incidents to a factual and gameful event. 

FULL NAME:Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Today, we have such a similar game that depicts almost similar life events but in a fun and exciting manner. Especially if it’s released by gaming giants such as Nintendo, then you are certainly in for a treat. Read on!

What is Conker’s Bad Fur Day?

Conker’s bad fur day is a game that was initially designed to be family-oriented but then was decided to take it up a level and make it quite interesting. The game revolves around Conker, who is a drunkard and alcoholic who has to get back home to his girlfriend. 

Most of the game involves your characters to solve puzzles, strategic games and fight enemies. It’s quite the wholesome package for action, adventure and puzzle-solving abilities. 

The game does feature vulgarity, tobacco, profanity, pop culture references and more.

Released back in the year 2001, it was launched on the Nintendo 64 platform. But for those willing to play it now can do so on their computers by installing a relevant emulator. 

Conker's Bad Fur Day
Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Which Emulator to be used for playing the game?

The game is available on one particular platform and nothing else. Making it a difficult choice to choose any other standard emulator to play the game. But if you are adamant about playing such a game, then you could go for Project 64 as it’s the most compatible with all Windows-based computers. 

Why choose project 64?

The primary beneficial factor of choosing this emulator is the open-source nature.

Users can connect their USB controllers to their computers and play their classic Nintendo 64 games on their computers. The audio/visual quality is excellent offering high-resolution textures. 

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Kameo: Elements of Power

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Conker: Live and Reloaded

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