Don’t you just love medieval themed games where you have no sci-fi technology but simple yet straight adventure-packed gameplay? Well, dragons dogma is one such game that offers the same but with a. unique twist and turn along its gameplay. 

The game is based in a positively medieval place where your characters are mainly the hero of the game. His quest is to defeat the dragon that lay the doom for the place where he lives in. But along his journey, he unearths various secrets and other conspiracies that genuinely change the way you play the game. 

Dragon's Dogma Mods
Dragon’s Dogma Mods

The game was released in 2012 and was developed & published by Capcom. The game is available for the platforms of play station3, play station 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Though it was a single-player game, it did stir up some wild positive vibes from the game. 

What are Mods?

Mods are nothing but subtle or extensive tweaks that the player can create towards a game in enhancing the playability of the game. It ensures that the game has a unique aspect and makes it better than what it is supposed to be. Also, mods come in various types. Players can tweak not everything but most of the game easily through mods while others might require altering the game structure a bit to take advantage of those mods. 

List of Mods for Dragons Dogma 

All Items Save the File

Essentially a cheat mod that gives you extra stuff to get your way into the game, it’s not advised for beginners. But then If you have played the game to your heart’s content, going for this mod brings no offence but gives you another angle to finish the game. 

All Items Save File Mod
All Items Save File Mod

Removal of the Arisen Chest Scar 

Players take the role of “Arisen”, and there is a significant scar on the chest of the characters which may/may not be viable for many. The mods help in correcting this and removing the scar once and for all to make the characters more presentable. 

Removal of Chest Scar Arisen
Removal of Chest Scar Arisen

World Difficulty

For those who feel like they have conquered the game and know every aspect of the game and wish to take on a challenge? Then this mod is for them. Everything in this mod speaks difficulty and increase it by manifolds. Players will have to fight harder and better to make their way to the next level. If not, it’s back to square one and start all over again.

World Difficulty Mod
World Difficulty Mod

DDDA Japanese Voice Over

Most of the games offer different languages based on the region that you might play the game. But then this particular game doesn’t offer Japanese as the language. Thus, players can take this mod and include Japanese voice-overs for that anime type of feel from the characters in the game. 

Easy Clothing Inventory ID 

This mod helps the players identify the clothing that they might have and throw out the ones that they might find to be unnecessary. It helps in saving enough time and ensuring that they can spend more time on battling stuff than choosing the outfits. 

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