First-person games are quite intimidating and extraordinary. They offer realistic gameplay features as what you see in the game is through your character. But when you mix horror and thriller into this, things do get exciting and fascinating. For the faint-hearted ones out there, this title isn’t for you but for those that love horror and are willing to dive into a unique mental asylum to stage your escape. 

FULL NAME:Dementium: The Ward

What is Dementium – The Ward?

Dementium is a first-person game that lets users take the role of William, who is suffering from amnesia. The entire plot revolves around your characters getting out of the mansion alive. At the beginning of the game, you have a rod to defend yourself. And as you progress, you get other weapons such as a revolver. 

To make things fun and exciting, the entire mansion is haunted, and there are sudden bursts of scare and spooky noise. Users will have to interact with their surroundings and different elements, along with defeating monsters and solving puzzles alike.  


The game was initially launched only for the Nintendo DS platform. But later launched for the Nintendo 3DS console gaming platform as well. 

Which Emulator to use to play the game?

Nintendo DS emulators are of plenty. There are different kinds which either allow you to play in a full screen or enable game controllers a swell. Taking all the best pieces of each emulator that has to offer and combining them into one emulator is where DeSmuMe comes into the picture. 

DeSmuMe is a Nintendo DS emulator that is supported by Windows, Linux and macOS. The emulator provides all the different features required to play the game. Other emulators that could be used are melonDS, NO$GBA, retro arch, Open Emu, etc. 

Three Related Games

F.E.A.R.2: Project Origin

The story continues to from the first iteration of the game. The game is based in the American city where recovering a hostage is turned into a deadly operation where a massive explosion takes place in the centre of the city. Here there was a secret facility where all hell went loose, and a terrifying supernatural menace has taken over the city. Do you have what it takes to stop these dark forces on its tracks?


Tit for tat is what this game is all about. The story revolves around your character that has done everything in serving the dark god but in the end, got your soul shredded to pieces and obtained false promises that left you with no reward but betrayal. It’s not time to take revenge and some revenge this is. You will have to shred your way through enemies, killing zombies, gargoyles and whatnot, the bloodshed is immense and for those have a knack for such things is an undoubtedly an experience you will never forget. 

The Sinking City

The game is based on an investigational background where the player’s characters are private investigators. Taking place in the year of 1920, the city of New England, Oakmont is flooded, and its reasons are not natural but supernatural. 

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