The early 2000s was the age where newer ideas and thoughts were being converted to gaming titles that did create a dent in the genres of gaming. At first, it was all based on motorsport racing, but then it slowly adapted to robots, and plenty of titles came out with exciting features for robot customization. Though one stands out to be the best and often regarded to be an impeccable title indeed. 

FULL NAME:Custom Robo Arena

What is Custom Robo Arena?

Custom Robo area was developed by noise and released by Nintendo on its Nintendo DS platform. The game revolves around the players using robots to fight other opponents and earning cash/money and using the same to develop their robots and increase their power strength and powerups. 

It was one of the few games of the time that had multiplayer compatibility all thanks to the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection including voice chat and much more. The game was released in 2007 and is the fifth title to the Custom Robo series. 

Custom Robo Arena
Custom Robo Arena

Which Emulator to use to play the game?

Nintendo DS emulators are of plenty. There are different kinds which either allow you to play in a full screen or enable game controllers as well. Taking all the best pieces of each emulator that has to offer and combining them into one emulator is where DeSmuMe comes into the picture. 

DeSmuMe is a Nintendo DS emulator that is supported by Windows, Linux and macOS. The emulator provides all the different features required to play the game. Other emulators that could be used are melonDS, NO$GBA, retro arch, Open Emu, etc. 

Three Related Games

Sky Break

The game revolves around your characters being stranded in an abandoned planet where the only way to survive is by mastering the art of hacking mechas. The planet is filled with it, and that’s your only chance of survival. Hacking the heck out of mechas!!!!

Force of Nature

Before the days of Farmville, there laid titles such as the force of nature that let users build and recreate their very own farming systems, fighting off predators and more. It’s an indie open world sandbox game that is quite simple but yet very engaging.  

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Ever wondered how a royal battle teaching simulation game would look like? Well, this game is just that. You have the role of teaching the students of a royal officer’s academy where everything is possible. You have to undergo tactical RPG with twists and turns and implementation of strategies of which house to choose along with the path. 

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