Simulation games offer an immersive and exclusive take on the given simulated task in the game. It provides users with a sneak-peak as to work about what it takes to carry out that task successfully. Though there are several simulation games based on different things, cooking is one such place where things can get multidirectional. 

FULL NAME:Cooking Mama

Either the game it too precise that allows players to know what it’s like to cook or make it fun and exciting with great animations and alterations. I guess the latter is the one that feels better and regarding the same; we have an exciting title for you today. 

What is Cooking Mama?

As the name suggests, Cooking Mama is a simulation game that lets user cook food based on the actions shown on the screen. Launched on the Nintendo Ds platforms, using the stylus makes a huge difference. 

Players get an immersive experience in chopping, cutting, dicing, mincing, grinding and cooking od different vegetables and dishes. Without more accuracy and detail, you get upgrades which help the cooking process improvements to make it delicious and exquisite. 

Launched way back in 2006, the game was launched only on one platform, but for those seeking to play the game on their computer? Then an emulator would be required. 

Cooking Mama
Cooking Mama

Which Emulator to be used?

There are hundreds of Nintendo Ds emulator options out there. But what we feel is that you should go for DeSmuMe as we have tried and tested it several times. Based on what it has to offer, we would recommend it remarkably. 

Why choose DeSmuMe?

As weird as the name might sound, it’s packed with features and customizability options. Users can adjust the graphics, the gameplay orientation, full-screen mode, controls and much more. regular updates to the emulator make it stable and runs the game quite smoothly. 

Even the usage of external game controllers connected via USB is fully supported. There is a cheat code manager as well. All the bells and whistles of a standard emulator are present and make it a pleasant experience to enjoy classic retro games. 

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