X-lite is counterpath’s legacy loose softphone, which has been replaced by new services – bria solo for individuals, and bria groups for smbs and groups! 


Combine your name, server, PBX, or voice carrier with our bria solutions to take calls anywhere with computing devices and cell apps; plus, augment your communications with Counterpath-hosted offerings for team messaging, HD video conferencing, and display sharing. 

Xlite is a utility specifically for computers, and it’s miles top-notch for making internet calls, as it has the reliability of a cellular smartphone, it doesn’t have the significant thing problems that mobile phones have, and that’s due to the fact they don’t have a sign, because except you’ve got a terrible net sign, this may not be an obstacle to using this device, it is broadly well suited with devices like home windows XP 7 or eight and, on direction, with mac os x. You should enter the wide variety, and it will be like having real-time cellular communication. Of approach you need listening to aids and microphones.

What are the features to use?

Easy to use:

One of the main things about Bria Solo is the easy and the primary way of using it. It is perfect especially if you are a beginner. 

Easy interface:

Another good thing about the app is the easy interface which is used. There are a lot of apps on the store but finding a good interface is really hard work and requires a lot of tasks. This is why finding an easy interface can be the belle of the ball. 

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Communication becomes easier

Another good thing about Bria Solo is communication. We all understand that communication is a central problem, and a lot of other negligence can cause it. This is what is eradicated with the help of this fantastic app. 

How can you download Desktop calendar on your PC?

  1. It will help if you run the installer at first. First, click onto the file and then download it to your computer. From there, you need to go to the top right corner of the screen to get the full access. 
  2. The next step for you to do is to confirm the installation. Before you can start the structure of your system, you need to ensure the installation process. The installation process can be established with the help of clicking on the Yes button. 
  3. The last step you need to do is to check out for the installer and follow the setup options. Click the button on the installer to begin the installation to your system. It will help you to install the software to your PC without any other doubt. 

How can you download it to your Mac?

  1. You need to first go to the official link of bria solo.  
  2. From there, you need to choose the download link. An installer will be displayed on your screen. From the installer, save the file to your Mac. 
  3. Click onto the file and then download the file to your computer; you need to go to the top right corner of the screen to start the downloading process. 
  4. The next step for you here is to confirm the settings. Before you can start with the installation, you need to verify with the help of clicking on the yes button. Once you click on the yes button, the settings will be downloaded to your Mac. 
  5. From there, you need to follow up for the setup. Go to the install and then get it on your Mac. Open the file and then start the installation process. You need to confirm the option by clicking on the yes button again. 

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