Pokemon Crystal is a role-playing video game developed for Game Boy Color. It is basically the tweaked version of Pokemon Gold and Silver version. This RPG is the second-generation game which has several new and amazing features for the experienced gamers. In the Pokemon Crystal game, the players have the option to choose the sex of the character and the Pokemon have animated sprites as well that can be observed by the users.

FULL NAME:Pokemon Crystal ROM

Also, the game has a few subplots which include legendary Pokemon such as Suicune (water-type legendary Pokemon) and Unown. One of the main additions in the Pokemon Crystal game is the Battle Tower. Here players can participate in Pokemon stadium-like fights.

In the game, you explore the Johto region while attempting to catch a legendary Pokemon. You have to compete with your rival to gain Suicune’s respect and have to catch all the three legendary beasts so that you can capture Ho-Oh. Also, in the game, you have to collect the badges and defeat the Elite four so that you can challenge the Pokemon champion to become the ultimate champion yourself.

What is a ROM?

A ROM (read-only memory) is basically a kind of non-volatile memory that cannot be modified after it is manufactured on a device. So, a ROM is useful for storing software that doesn’t get changed in the system life cycle and is primarily used for video games.

Pokemon Crystal Rom
Pokemon Crystal Rom

When you copy the contents from a ROM chip to a storage medium like a hard disk or compact disk, it is known as ROM emulation. This process is popular among gamers to share the games from old video game cartridges for whom consoles aren’t being manufactured anymore. So, you can play these games on any device with the help of an emulator.

What Game emulator to use to run this ROM?

If you want to play Pokemon Crystal ROM on your mobile phone or PC, then you need to download and install a Gameboy Color (GBC) emulator on your device. A few good GBC emulators for Windows PC are BGB 1.5.3, BasicBoy, TGB Dual, etc. For Mac, you can use GBC emulators KiGB, Open Emu, and so on.  

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In this Pokemon game, you explore the Hoenn region and can capture the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza among the 202 Pokemon types that you can capture in this game. Apart from capturing the legendary Pokemon, you can also tame Kyogre and Groudon.

Pokemon Ruby Version

This is the third game in the Pokemon series and features the Hoenn region that focuses mainly on two rival gangs – Team Aqua and Team Magma. In this game, you discover Generation III Pokemon and have a chance to meet and capture 150 new Pokemon and the trainers can fight a 2 on 2 Pokemon match too.

Pokemon Leaf Green

With Pokemon Leaf Green, you can replay your classic Pokemon game but by focusing on Bulbasaur and the power of grass-type Pokemon. Based on the classic Pokemon Green, this game has new graphics, animations, etc. and you get a chance to battle with Team Rocket and show them the power of nature-type Pokemon.

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