For gamers who love to play web or flash games, a good gamepad controller is essential. And one such great gamepad controller is Xpadder. This controller allows you to easily emulate controls like keyboard, mouse, buttons, and so on for almost any game settings.

As a result, you can enjoy a smoother and hassle-free gaming experience with the help of this gamepad application. Xpadder is also one of the most versatile gamepad controllers as it allows you to create multiple profiles, supports chorded input, and even allows you to redefine the mouse controls by simply toggling the preset buttons for a command.

FULL NAME:Xpadder for Windows
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So, if you are looking for a gamepad controller that is easy to use and understand then Xpadder is the perfect choice for you. You can learn more about Xpadder and how you can install it on your Windows PC in this article.

Features and Highlights of Xpadder

A lightweight and extremely handy keyboard and mouse emulator for your PC gamepad, Xpadder allows you to get better control over the games that don’t offer gamepad support. With its simple and intuitive interface, it will take barely a few minutes for you to set your gamepad with Xpadder in order to emulate keyboard and mouse for your favorite games.

Here are a few top features of Xpadder that make it a must-have for all the gamers out there.

Multiple Profiles and Controls

One of the best things about the Xpadder gamepad controller is that it is extremely easy to use and configure your keyboard and mouse functions. You can easily create several mapping profiles for different games and set different control functions for these profiles. And since these profiles are saved in a directory, you don’t have to worry about mapping game controls for your games from scratch for each new session.

Also, this tool is capable of automatic detection of your game controllers and can automatically assign mouse gestures and key combinations to your gamepad controller. In a single profile, you can configure around 8 different game controller sets for a better gaming experience.

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Manually Assign Game Triggers

Another great feature of the Xpadder gamepad controller is that you have the ability to assign game triggers and keyboard shortcuts to different gamepad buttons for better control. Once you do this, the testing feature of Xpadder assigns the mouse gestures to analog joysticks while altering the emulation speed to match the desired sensitivity.

With the Turbo mode, you can even automatically assign these triggers by simply choosing a button for your desired function. And if the configurations go wrong, you can always edit it to rectify the mistakes and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Seamless Support for Windows Software

With Xpadder, you can not only alter your gamepad controls but can even control other Windows software quite easily. Xpadder works brilliantly with Windows Media Player too so you can use the gamepad to switch the tracks, skip the tracks, change the music volume, and so on by configuring the buttons for these functions on Xpadder.

That’s not all, this gamepad controller can also be used to manage presentations and perform simple tasks like opening or closing files in your Windows PC.

Installation Requirements for Xpadder Gamepad Controller

One of the most important things that you need to check before you begin with the download and installation process is whether your Windows PC meets the minimum system requirements for the Xpadder application or not. If it doesn’t meet the requirements, then you would end up wasting time in downloading the application as it won’t run on your PC until you update the system specifications to meet the installation requirements.

Below, you will find the system specifications that your PC needs to match to successfully install and run Xpadder on your PC.

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Intel Premium 4 or newer
RAM memory:
256 MB
Hard Disk Space:
100 MB of available space

How to Download and Install Xpadder on your PC

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Trust me, installing the Xpadder application on your Windows PC is quite easy and will barely take 15 minutes of your time. If you are interested in downloading and installing Xpadder on your PC too, then just follow the below steps and you will be able to use this gamepad in no time at all.

Download Xpadder Application from a Trusted Website

First, you need to download the installer file for the Xpadder application. For this, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Head to the Softfamous official website at in order to download the Xpadder app.
  2. Now, type in the search bar ‘Xpadder’ and then click enter to begin the search. Once the search is complete, you will be shown a list of matching results for your search query. Find the Xpadder application and then click on it to open the information page for it.
  3. Next, click on the blue ‘Download’ button on the Xpadder app page. You will be taken to the download page for Xpadder application.
  4. Here, choose the mirror link depending on the Xpadder version that you wish to download. Click on the ‘Download’ button next to your desired Xpadder version.
  5. Now, wait for a couple of minutes for the automatic download to begin and then wait for the download to get completed.

Install and Run Xpadder Application on Windows PC

After you have successfully downloaded the application installer, you can proceed with the installation steps for the Xpadder app.

  1. Go to the Downloads folder in your PC and search for the recently downloaded file.
  2. Next, double click on the Xpadder installation .exe file to run the installer and follow the steps displayed on the Installation wizard to complete the installation process.
  3. Once the installation is completed, you can close the Installation dialog box and launch the Xpadder app.

Xpadder app is successfully installed on your Windows PC and is ready to be used as a mouse or keyboard emulator.

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