Wario Land 4 is a video game released in the year 2001 for the Game Boy Advance. It was re-released in 2011 the Nintendo 3DS system via the Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors program. The game is the fourth and final instalment in the Super Mario series to be released on a handheld system and can be downloaded on a virtual game console for the Wii. The game has even received many positive reviews from the audience and the game critics. 

FULL NAME:Wario Land 4

The game revolves around the character Wario and his adventures when he set out in a search of legendary hidden treasure. While he intended to rob the pyramid and steal the treasure, but instead goes on a mission to save Princess Shokora who has been captured by the Golden Diva, the evil ruler of the Golden Pyramid. 

The game starts in the passage that includes one level and a boss. After completing these levels the next four areas of the game get unlocked. This level then consists of four more new passages each with four levels with a different theme and a boss at the end. After defeating the boss of the four passages the inner pyramid gets revealed on the map which includes one last level, the Golden Passage, and the final boss, the Golden Diva. The player has to defeat the Golden diva and save the princess to win the game.

Features of the Wario land 4 are as follows:

Heart meter

Wario land 4 features a Heart Meter. Wario has a total of eight hearts at the start of the game and can collect more hearts throughout the levels. The player loses a heart by touching an enemy or spikes.

Heart gauge:

A heart gauge is present just below the heart meter which gets filled when the enemies drop the heart. By filling the heart gauge Wario can earn an extra heart. After earning the heart the heart gauge gets emptied again. When a player fills both the Wario’s hearts and gauge it will cause most of the enemies to drop a 100-point coin. 

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Treasure chests:

Wario land 4 consists of a total of 12 treasure chests. Every boss room contains at least three treasure chests that are hidden into the wall in the background. A piece of jewelry is also kept hidden by the boss which the player had to earn by defeating the boss. If the time runs low during the boss battle, the treasure chests hidden in the background begin to disappear one by one. After the player defeats a boss, the treasure chests are collected and stored in the Golden Pyramid, along with the jewelry retrieved from the boss. 

How to download Wario land 4 on your PC

You can download Wario land 4 on your PC using a Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator.

  1. First, download the ROM for Gameboy Advance on the ROM download site.
  2. Check if you have the game boy advance emulator installed. If not, first install the emulator.
  3. Then, check for the system requirements and operating system on your pc.
  4. Go to the official site and search for the link to download the game.
  5. Get the compact download launcher and then click on the link or the “Download Game” button to start downloading the file.
  6. Locate the file in your folder and click to start the installation
  7. Once the installation process gets completed, launch the game.

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