Tron is a very incredible application for your Windows PC. It helps in keeping your desktop and laptop clean and safe. You can install this multipurpose application on your PC free of cost.

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The Tron software is like the Clean Master app on your mobiles. It will remove the extra junk that you have on your PC and keep the bugs away.  

It will assist you in tracking the amount of waste generated on your Windows device, its source, and how you can keep that in check. You can even use many other applications along with it.

Tron is an open-source script that has many tools that allow it to scan, disinfect, and clean up your Windows computer and laptop. The Tron tools have many stages. Each stage has a defined technique and a specific task to perform.

Tron has stages that do each step within a limited period. The Tron software takes some time to finish each stage, so be patient. That patience will make you meet a whole new version of your computer and laptop. 

Key Features of Tron

Clean Your Windows PC

You can download Tron on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. The Tron software helps you automatically disinfect, clean, and repair your PC. Apart from all the cleaning, the Tron software has many other things in its pocket as well. Tron software is a script. It is a freeware open-source that comes with antiviruses, like Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, and Sophos. Similarly,it comes with cleaners, like CCleaner and FindDupe. It also has archiving tools, updaters, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Flash. 

Keeps Your PC Safe

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Download for Windows

Tron is useful but might be a bit dangerous. You should have a complete backup of your data somewhere before you run the Tron script on your device. This does not undermine the safety feature of Tron. Tron software on initiating will warn you of all the possible dangers if there are any. Then it also creates system restore points and Registry back up. 

Additional Functions Tron Performs

Apart from disinfecting, cleaning, repairing, and keeping your PC safe, there are many more services Tron provides. Tron detects and removes viruses from your PC and repairs WMI. Tron script also resets your internet explorer, takes care of Windows event logs and Windows update cache. You can defrag the hard drive on your PC and uninstall all the harmful bloatware.                                       

Steps to Download and Install Tron on PC

  1. To install Tron on your PC, reboot your Windows PC. 
  2. Go to to download Tron.
  3. You can also click on, or  There are links provided on various  third-party pages that allow you to download the application as well. 
  4. Click on the link given above to download the self-extracting file on your Windows PC. 
  5. Select the zip file and extract it. The file will be saved as tron.bat.
  6. Next, also extract the resource folder. 
  7. Copy both the files present on the desktop. 
  8. Select tron.bat file and go to Run as Administrator.
Download for Windows

It is recommended to run Tron on Regular mode of Windows. The Tron download takes around 3-10 hours. 

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