There could be many things which can go out of fashion, such as clothes, mobile handsets, electronics, movies, but one thing which can never go out of style is the love for video games we all have. In the past times also, we have all looked forward to playing video games in our free time to relax our mind and body at the same time.

FULL NAME:Sonic Time Twisted
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The only difference was, in the earlier times, we were not fortunate enough to have a vast plethora of options in-front to choose from. However, times have changed now, and we are blessed to have vast possibilities for video games in front of us.

Sonic Time Twisted is one of the latest video games, which is a fan-made Sonic game. The game is loaded with Genesis-era, and authentic visuals, physics, and gameplays. Tails and Sonic, Knuckles have made sure to stop Metal Sonic from any resurrecting the master formerly. For a long time now, Sonic Time Twisted has been under development for almost about 12 years now. The time spent on the development clearly signifies the amount of determination, efforts, and hard work the developers have been trying to put in the game.

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The game in total features such as:

A: 28 acts which are easily spread across a total of 8 zones,

B: Three payable characters Knuckles,

C: Tails & Sonic,

D: premium soundtrack,

E: ten boss fights,

F: physics which is based on Genesis originals,

G: 14 3D Special stages,

H: CD-style of Sonic CD-style time-traveling, which is between present, past, and future.

 As mentioned, the game no doubt has some stunning features which are all put together to offer an outstanding game to the players. There is some essence of the game, which gives an authentic feeling in terms of the blue hedgehog by paying an immense amount of respect to the originals. The game also makes sure to surpass them in several possible ways. The entire structure of the game is pretty quick and fast in those ways. Even the audio of the game is excellent and of high quality. The design of the game has been done very uniquely by the makers. The game offers all the players some massive challenging levels which come up with secret routes and various alternatives.

Download for Windows

One can be sure of the Sonic Mania game, which is the official game of Sega. The game has been long due for release this year. Fans cannot wait to try their hands on this game.

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