Smadav Antivirus is extra antivirus programming that is intended to ensure your Windows PC. Smadav Antivirus is a straightforward security free program that gives constant enemy infection insurance, ensuring that your Windows PC is shielded consistently. 

FULL NAME:Smadev Antivirus

Smadav Antivirus chiefly works as extra insurance for your PC (particularly its absolute assurance for USB Streak Drive), so the product doesn’t offer all out security. On the off chance that you would be frequently perusing the web or putting in new applications, you are strongly prescribed to utilize other security items that offer absolute insurance.


Extra Insurance for your PC, viable with other antivirus items.

Practically all other antiviruses can’t be introduced with another antivirus, this is a direct result of the antivirus intended for principle insurance in your PC. It’s not the situation for the program, It is an antivirus that is planned as extra (second layer) insurance, so it’s viable and could be introduced and run along with another antivirus in your Success PC. The program utilizes their own strategy (conduct, heuristic, and whitelisting) to distinguish and clean infection that improves security in your PC. 

Best USB Antivirus (Absolute Security for USB Flash Disk) 

USB Flash Disk is one of the most utilized media for infection spread. The product utilizes its own innovation to dodge infection spread and contamination from USB Flash Disk. It can identify numerous new obscure infections in USB regardless of whether the infection isn’t in the information base. For insurance, yet Smadav can likewise clean USB Flash Disk from infections and reestablish covered up/contaminated records in the USB Flashdisk. 

Low asset Antivirus 

The program just utilizes a little part of your PC assets. More often than not just utilize exceptionally little memory (under 5 MB) and central processor use (under 1%). With this minuscule asset use, It won’t slow your PC. Furthermore, you can even now introduce another antivirus that will together work with Antivirus to ensure your PC. 

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Cleaner and apparatuses to clean infection 

The antivirus can clean some infections that are all around contaminated your PC and furthermore fix the vault change made by the infection. Numerous devices remembered for the product to battle for infection cleaning.

How to download and install?

  • Stand by till the spare window shows up. 
  • Snap alright with language determination (English) 
  • Snap Next on the Welcome Wizard 
  • Acknowledge the permit arrangement and snap Straightaway 
  • Snap Next with Work area easy route choice 
  • Stand by till Finishing Wizard shows up. Checked Dispatch SMADAV and snap on Completion 
  • You should see Scanner, Secure, Instruments, Oversee, Genius alternatives on the Smadav UI.

And congratulations now you have effectively introduced Smadav antivirus and your PC is currently secured.


There are different highlights of Smadav Antivirus , however it maybe doesn’t have the numerous highlights that other, more complete antivirus frameworks have. It has a USB shield, which causes you to guard your USB drives when you use them and ensure the documents you duplicate from a USB drive won’t imperil you. 

This application can likewise secure you by furnishing you with insurance for your disconnected documents, so you’re ready to filter these records and distinguish possible threats on your PC. It is a pleasant component to have.

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