Generally, cleaning up your computer means the deletion of unnecessary apps, files, and data. But after this, when you try to search for the files, there are still residual traces left that don’t get deleted by the standard deletion practices.

Though there are software’s that help in decluttering such a mess, they are paid version, and the free versions don’t do a great job. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, then we have an excellent option for you guys.

FULL NAME:PrivaZer for Windows
Download for Windows

What is PrivaZer?

PrivaZer is an advanced cleaner tool built for Windows that removes traces and footprints of deleted apps. As a result, this software is effective in clearing out specific directories or files based on user preference. 

One can use the software to scan the entire system and external storage devices to clean up any sensitive information or residual leftovers of deleted applications. So, you end up freeing up commendable amount of space. 

Based on the storage device, the smart algorithm technology can easily adapt to the given situation. PrivaZer helps in analyzing and cleaning recycle bins, jumplists, opened docs, messengers, RAM, free space, registry, file table, and so on.  

The software comes with a standard cleanup which scans the entire system for unwanted files, or leftover files from previous deleted applications. Though it takes a substantial amount of amount, the wait is worth it. On the other hand, the turbo mode scans the entire system within 10 seconds to give the most optimal files that are up for deletion.  

Download for Windows

The software is available for all versions of Windows operating system right from XP to 10. 

Key features of PrivaZer

  • Getting Rid of Leftovers 

Leaving sensitive traces when one uses their system is quite risky. The software helps in elimination of such trails and also deletes any traces offline or deleted application. 

  • Secure Cleaning with One click

Through the help of overwriting techniques, irreversible cleanups are possible. 

  • Protection of Privacy 

All activities that are either deleted or found are protected without any recovery option. All data is stored locally and prevents anyone from viewing it so it is perfectly safe. 

  • In-depth Cleaning

All thanks to its smart adaptability feature, overwriting the algorithm based on the storage is a handy feature. Thus, making various cleanups is a simple process with utmost diligence. 

How to Download and Install PrivaZer on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the software

The software is available on any third-party site, or one can search for the software. Numerous pages host the application. Download the relevant version. 

  • Install the application

After the installer downloads, open it. Follow the on-screen set of instructions to execute a successful installation process. 

  • Start cleaning

Upon successful installation, there is a shortcut that is created on the desktop. Access seamless process of clearing your storage and other activities through this desktop shortcut.  

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