Jelly Mario is a remake version of the most popular game Super Mario. We all have played Super Mario in our lives, but the gravity in this weird world of Jelly Mario seems to be strange, and everything has turned into bouncy and spongy.

It’s an astounding remake where you will witness Mario floating and bouncing from one place to another. If you have had enough of the existing version of the Super Mario, you can undoubtedly go for this one to get an exhilarating experience.

You must have come across many weird games on the internet, but when it comes to Jelly Mario, you will not be able to stop yourself from being addicted to it. The controls of Mario will remain the same, but it will be arduous to keep him under control as he moves and jumps around in a strange way.

This time around, you will have to work hard to keep him under your control. The reckless Mario is notorious and his strange jelly-like movements are not safe for the environment of the game. 

Joins Mario in his exceedingly bizarre journey in evading numerous obstacles and saving the queen. In this strange world of Jelly Mario, everything is super flexible, gooey, and objects in the game can be turned around and twisted. It is because everything in the game will be elastic, just like jelly.

It sounds weird, right? But it’s actually not. It’s an adventurous game which can keep you occupied all day long. It’s fun to play the game, and it will assuredly leave you entirely awestruck and amazed. In order to help the Mario move around, use the arrow keys, just like the original version of the Mario. The only difference is, he will not be walking anymore.

Unlike Super Mario, in this version, you will not be able to collect the items and destroy the blocks. But, crashing into the things around is the real joy. You need to ensure Mario does not touch turtles and the Mushrooms that are walking around in the game.

Even if it’s touched by accident, you will end up witnessing Mario exploding into the pieces or pixels. So, make sure you don’t bump into the mushrooms or turtles that you need to encounter.

Keep hitting the blocks marked with the question mark to attain free goodies, which will help you become more stringent and better in your adventurous journey.

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