This game has to be the most realistic off-road driving game on mobile devices. Gigabit Off-Road offers players a gear-packed collection of fabulous monster trucks, an extensive range of maps to explore and rugged terrains to drive your truck upon. The entire environment of the game is built so realistically that you sometimes feel like you are sitting right there behind the wheel. It is the epitome of coolness. You will have to buy it on play store and once you do, you are granted unlimited gameplay time. There is no
need for you to wait for your turn at riding the monster trucks.

FULL NAME:Gigabit Off-Road
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Key Features Of Gigabit Off-Road

Realistic Driving

Choose a truck that suits your taste and get the experience of what riding it feels like. You get to curve your big vehicle around rugged pathways and mountain tops. Either you can be a meek rider or you can blast your way through the precariously modelled sceneries. Also, you get to choose the camera angle that suits your perspective. There are thirteen angles to choose from and you can also record the steering manoeuvres that fill you with pride.

Crazy Customisation Options

The change in the appearance of the truck isn’t limited to colours. You can also change various body parts like bumpers, hood, wheels, etc. In essence, you are selecting a truck and making it utterly your won through your unique personalisation.

Full-Blown Levels

Roar your way through dozens of challenges so you can collect in-game bonuses and refine your driving skills. If you think your skills are rusty, don’t worry. There’s a practice mode available, allowing players to slowly but surely master the art of off-road driving.

Multiplayer Environment

Connect with your friends and challenge them to hefty drives around the mountain tops. There are awesome landscapes to explore and your friends can tag along for some monstrous rides.

Gigabit Off-Road - Apps on Google Play
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How To Download It On PC

There are emulators that allow you to smoothly run Android apps on your PC. We will be using two of the most popular ones for playing Gigabit Off-Road on our PC consoles.

Downloading the game using Bluestacks

  1. Bluestacks is the most efficient Android emulator available on the internet. You can download it from the website
  2. After downloading finishes, the app will launch automatically. When it opens, you will find play store on it. Sign into Google to access it.
  3. Now, look up Gigabit Off-Road racing on your search bar. Tap on it for installation to begin.
  4. There you have it! Your game has successfully installed on your Bluestacks app. Just click on it to begin playing

Downloading the game using NoxPlayer

The NoxPlayer is especially useful for downloading android apps on your Mac. So if you are a Mac user, this method is for you.

  1. You will first have to download the app from It will launch immediately once it is successfully downloaded.
  2. The Play store is pre-installed in it. You have to sign in to Google to access it.
  3. Search for your game in the search bar. Click on it for download to begin.
  4. Finally, your game is installed on your PC. You can play it from the NoxPlayer.
Download for Windows

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