The latest instalment in the Geometry Dash games is Geometry Dash Sub Zero. It was released on iOS and Android in 2017. It is a level up from the previous two games in the series complete with better graphics, better levels and better music to enhance the gameplay experience. This game is a must-play for arcade game fans. You can binge on it for hours because of its simplicity. Just flick your finger across the screen or move your cursor up and down and you will be able to guide your character through the different levels. There are new curveballs to steer clear of. If you are familiar with the first two games, then you know how intricate these curveballs can get. They add significant excitement to the game.

FULL NAME:Geometry Dash Subzero
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Key Features Of Geometry Dash Subzero

Exploring Maps

Unlike its predecessors, Geometry Dash Subzero has this new feature called maps. There are three maps to be explored and each one gets progressively difficult. The first map is the easiest while the third one is the hardest. Geometry Dash Subzero is not an easy game and you will have to resort to practice mode to sharpen your skills. This way, you can prepare yourself for the more difficult levels.

Customisation Galore

Upon completion of levels, you will earn rewards called Subzero icons and unlock data. These rewards will help you buy goodies from the shop. You can customise your character with the purchases you make. You can even build your own levels and share them with other players on the Geometry Dash community. The unlockable data can be transferred to other players through user accounts. 

Amazing Music

Geometry Dash games are known for their selection of high paced music and Subzero is no different. With music by MDK, Bossfight and Boom Kitty, you will be pulled effortlessly into the beats of this rhythm-based game.

Geometry Dash Subzero APK Download | Geometry Dash
Download for Windows

How To Download It On PC

You can play Geometry Dash Subzero on the go on your Android or iOS devices. It is an especially handy tool to get rid of boredom. It requires your entire focus and attention as the levels get harder. But if the touch screen gets laggy, you can shift to your PC controls. For downloading the game on your PC/Mac, follow these two methods:

Download the game using Bluestacks

  1. Firstly, download the application from
  2. Launch it and you will find play store in it. Sign into it through your Google account.
  3. Secondly, search for the game in the search bar. Click on it for download.
  4. Geometry Dash Subzero is now installed in Bluestacks and you can play it from there.

Download the game using NoxPlayer

  1. Go to to download the NoxPlayer emulator.
  2. When it launches, you will find play store embedded in it. Access it using your Google account.
  3. Search for the game in your search bar. Once you do, click on it to start download.
  4. Finally, your game gets installed on your NoxPlayer. All you have to do is click it to start playing.
Download for Windows

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