Franz is a messaging app that was developed in Vienna in 2016 by a person named Stephen. Franz is a software which lets you manage and organize all the other messaging apps on your pc. It is also referred to as Messenger of Messengers. It is like all the different messengers which are available in the market are brought into a single platform. 


Using Franz you can manage your different messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Gmail, Slack, etc at a single platform itself. You can switch between two Messengers easily while you are chatting with friends or anyone out there. The best part of this app is that once you exit this app then you will not get any messages then whether it be WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or any other messenger which you are running on Franz.

Franz can be downloaded on all versions of Windows, Mac, and also on Linux. It is also available for different bit versions of various operating systems. It’s pretty easy to use this app and it is quite easy because it provides quite an interactive  & easy GUI.

Franz has got two different versions of it. One is the free version and another is the paid version. The free version only allows you to manage different messenger apps and your chats. But the paid version also allows you to access the workspace features using which you can manage your private work and professional work. 

Features of Franz:

Messenger of Messengers:

As mentioned above Franz is also referred as Messenger of Messenger. This is because it provides almost all the messengers available in the market on a single platform. This avoids unnecessary download and update of different messengers. And once you update your Franz the all the other messenger apps available in Franz gets automatically updated.

Easy to manage Chats and Messengers

As it provides various messengers on a single platform it becomes quite easy to manage chats from different messengers as a user is not supposed to switch the tabs unnecessarily.

Franz – a free messaging app for Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp,  Telegram and more


It is compatible with almost every type of operating system which is famous in the market. It works perfectly with windows(7/8 & 10), Mac OS, Linux.

Free And Paid Version

You have an option to either opt for a paid version or a free version. In the free version, you will get the facilities which are mentioned above but if you opt for the paid version then you will get some additional workspace features using which you can separate your professional work and private work easily. If you are a professional, this feature can help you in the long run.

Steps to downlaod Fraanz:

  1. Go to and select the download option which suits your operating system.
  2. A file will get downloaded, now you are just supposed to install that file and you are good to go. Link for the installation process is given below.
  3. Once your download and installation are completed then you are supposed to create an account if you don’t have one, and if you already have an account then just log in.
  4. Once your Franz is set up then you can add services by clicking on the services tab on top of the Franz screen.


From the overall article we can conclude that Franz is a great application for the users who have accounts on multiple messenger apps and who are rigorously interacting with these types of apps. It is also for users who like to prefer PC over mobile for texting and chatting purposes. Overall speaking it is a grateful application that will help you in some or other ways.

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