Doom 64 ROM is a video game released in the year 1997 that was developed and published by Midway Games for the Nintendo 64 video game console. The shooting game is the second instalment in the Doom series and a sequel to Doom 2.


The storyline of the game is based on the events following the Doom storyline. The creatures that the player has already killed in doom have been brought back by an evil monster, Mother Demon. The player plays the role of Doom Marine and has to stop the Monsters and defeat them to win the game. 

In this game, the player has to battle with the demons and defeat them to progress the level. There are a total of 32 levels in this game. The player has to collect the weapons and keys and activate the switches to reach the level’s exit. The player must ensure to look after the deadly ambushes and traps to survive them. 

Features of Doom 64 are as follows:

Customized elements:

Doom 64 featured customized elements such as the Doom engine. The various factors in the game like the weapons and the Monsters were customized. New and unique graphics were added to the game. 

New textures and atmosphere:

The game featured a horror-based atmosphere unlike the science fiction one seen in the previous games, including darker and colored schemes that increase the sense of fear in the player. The game has new textures with scrolling ability and advanced line triggers. 

Doom 64' Feels Like a Low-Poly Tribute to Ray Harryhausen - Bloody  Disgusting

New and redesigned weapons:

The game featured new and re-designed weapons that did more damage than the previous installments of the series. Many new weapons were introduced in the game and a weapon called an unmaker was featured in the game. This is the projectile weapon of the series and can be upgraded. 

Demon keys:

The Demon Keys featured in the game helps to clear The Absolution. There are many teleporters on the map and symbols that represent the key. If the player finds the right key, the teleporter gets disabled thereby making the battles easy. When the player has all the demon keys killing the mother demon becomes easy. 

To download Doom 64 follow these steps:

  1. First, check for the system requirements and operating system in your pc.
  2. Then, check if you have the N64 emulator installed. 
  3. You need to have all the Nintendo 64 emulators installed to play this game.
  4. After installing the emulators, go to the official Nintendo site and search for the link to download Doom 64. 
  5. Get the compact download launcher.
  6. Click on the link or click on download the Game button to start downloading the file.
  7. Locate the file in your folder 
  8. Finally, click on the launch button to install the game on your pc.

You can download Doom 64 on your Windows PC using the Nintendo 64 emulators and you will be able to play the game on any device.

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