The internet provides an extensive array of multimedia content ranging through all genres. Sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, and more offer some exciting content for viewers.

But there’s one catch in watching these videos. Viewers can either save the videos from being watched online or save it to their profiles to be watched later. But downloading them to your device is never an option.

FULL NAME:ClipGrab for Windows
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Wait, YouTube does let you download the videos, but only to be watched on the app and nowhere else. It sure does spur up a problem indeed. For this, ClipGrab does provide an innovative alternative. 

What is ClipGrab?

ClipGrab is an innovative software that lets anyone download videos directly from your browser. Simply copy-paste the link to the video on the application and start downloading the file. It’s that simple!

There are various formats in which one can download the videos: mpeg4, mp3, OGG Vorbis, OGG Theora, WMV, to name a few. The highest resolution you can download a video is on 1080p, and the lowest resolution is 240p. 

Using the software is as simple as it gets. Take the link to the video that one wishes to download. Paste it on the software and start downloading it. There are no ads or any disturbances whatsoever.

Download for Windows

With a clean user interface and different language options to choose, it’s a feature-rich application. The software is built on a C++ and Qt framework. 

The application runs smoothly on macOS with options available on all versions of Windows starting from 2000 series to 10th version. 

Key Features of the ClipGrab. 

Simple User Interface 

Using the application is quite straightforward. With its simplistic user interface, learning how to use the software is a breeze of a task. All the instructions are right there, and there are no settings that have to be altered. 

Quicker Downloads

Downloads speed is great. No matter which links you put in, the speed is constant and varies based on your internet connection. Downloading YouTube videos from the application is also possible. Downloading different resolution video right from 1080p to 240p is feasible. 

Multi-linguistic Support

The application supports different languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and more. 

How to Download and Install ClipGrab on PC

  • Download the File

ClipGrab is available through its official website or several third-party websites. The size varies from one version to another. In contrast, the average size is under 70MB. 

  • Install

Open the “exe” file once downloaded. An installer will open. Agree to all the terms and conditions and the software and let it install. It may take time based on the software version and computer configuration. 

  • Run the Application

After the installation finishes, run the application. Paste the link of the video that you wish to download and start downloading. It’s that simple. 

Download for Windows

How to Download and Install ClipGrab on Mac 

  • Download the DMG file 

ClipGrab is one of the best software that lets users download videos from the browser on macOS. Download the file that might be huge when compared to the windows application. The application is free of charge and hosted through several third-party sites. 

  • Open it

Once the DMG file downloads, open the file. Let the system verify it. Copy the icon of ClipGrab to the applications folder. 

  • Install the Application

Double click on ClipGrab in the applications folder and install the applications. Ensure that you read all the terms and conditions while agreeing to the free license conditions as well. Let the software install. 

  • Enjoy the App

After the installation process, delete the downloaded DMG file is you wish and open the software. Paste the browser link on the search bar and start downloading. 

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