A very exciting online multiplayer, Citizen Burger Disorder, is a QWOP-style multiplayer game. The best part of the game allows the player to put you in the shoes of the employer in a burger joint. The game has a control scheme with WASD.

FULL NAME:Citizen Burger Disorder Game for Windows
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This is mainly used to move the operations of Q and E, helping to operate each of the arms independently. The right and the left mouse buttons are used to make use of the items with each of the respective hands.

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With all of these controls, creating a burger becomes tricky and complicated. Hence, leading all the ingredients to get scarred across the entire floor.

But the trick is that the customers should not know about the mess, ‘What happens in the Kitchen, Stays in the Kitchen.’

Although the fact is the citizen burger disorder is very new and is slowly moving towards the full development process. It still contains very minimum drugs when it comes to playing online with others.

However, despite all of this, it is considered an entertaining and exciting game that players look forward to playing. It helps you to sort your messed up kitchen and show empathy to the employers and understand precisely what they go through.

We are sure if you were a customer, you would never want to have the burgers made by us after knowing the reality.

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Generally, it is very different from other cooking games. In other games, one has to take orders, make different dishes, and serve the customers. The whole idea behind those games is to take a toll on the player and urge him to be effective in time management.

However, in the case of citizen burger disorder, as the name suggests is the place where we are allowed to create a mess in the kitchen. The game allows the players to keep all the ingredients here and there and not in order.

The only essential thing which the players have to understand is that the mess needs to stay in the kitchen and not reflect in their burgers.

Under no circumstance, the customers should get to know about this mess and about whatever happens inside that kitchen.

The game has been in existence for a very long time now but has now again gained popularity. With time, the game will remove all the bugs.

Generally, due to excessive demand, the server stops working, and the game gets hang. However, the makers of the game are trying their best to develop the game so that many people can play it at the same time.

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