Enemies in games are always looking to create some or the other havoc such that the hero’s purpose in the game is fruitful and definitive. But in some games, enemies do an excellent job in eliminating hero’s, but in almost all the games, it’s the other way round. 

FULL NAME:Castlevania: Dracula X

But in Castlevania, it’s the Belmont’s and Dracula that have their fair share of enmity and killing each other is the first checklist of their bucket list. But in the latest rendition of the game, will it be the same ordeal what the two sides are trying to do from centuries?

What is Download Castlevania: Dracula X?

Castlevania: Dracula X is a Konami product that was built for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game itself looks much better on this platform when compared to the earlier versions and brings a lot to the table. 

The story unfolds as a bittersweet take between the Belmont family and Dracula. Dracula kidnaps two young women by the names of Annette and Maria Renard. It’s a bait set up by Dracula to bring up the last Belmont to finish the family once and for all. 

Richter Belmont happens to be Anette’s lover and would do anything to save her from the clutches of Dracula. And thus the story continues from here, where you have to undergo a lot of peril and fend of countless enemies to defeat Dracula and retrieving the two girls. 

Castlevania Dracula X
Castlevania Dracula X

Which emulator to be used?

Super Nintendo Entertainment System came with a lot of features back when it was launched in the 19th century. But to play on the same console may not be feasible. The emulator that we would recommend in using would be RetroArch. 

Why use RetroArch?

Through our countless hours of gaming and understanding the work about different emulators, we believe that RetroArch so the best for emulating SNES game on the computer. The emulator offers excellent cross-platform support with dynamic libraries and other features. 

The entire emulator is quite polished and offers a wide range of classic games for the users to enjoy. The emulator also offers an extensive range of controller support and features such as net play, rewinding, shaders are all accessible. Even streaming your gameplay is now possible. 

Three Related Games

Ys 3 – Wanderer from Ys

The game doesn’t dwell into the mysterious world of demons and Dracula’s. Instead, it dives deeper into the traditional 8-bit 2D animation adventure games. The game is packed with the typical adventure scenarios of fighting enemies and defeating bosses.  

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

The story is quite an emotional one where the apprentice goes to look out for his master. Though the game is the traditional tale of every Castlevania story, it’s quite immersive in the aspects of gameplay and the overall story framing it comprises. The game is available on the GBA platform. 

Super Castlevania 4

Simon Belmont is once again on the mission to save Transylvania from the clutches of Dracula. Done worry, he’s not trapped on the 8-bit platform ,but he’s’ now a 16-bit platform all thanks to the game released on Super NES. 

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