Avast Premium is developed for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Avast is a family of cross-platform internet security. Freeware and paid versions of both products are available for computer and browser security. 

FULL NAME:Avast Premium Security

Other security services are antivirus software firewalls, anti-aliasing, anti-spyware and anti-spam spam.

In 2015 February, Avast launched a freeware business product. Being a cross-platform solution, it is anti-spyware anti protection, browser protection, web threat scanning, and cloud management also. Avast Cross-platform antivirus vendor in the market from 2017. And the largest share for antivirus applications in the market.

In January 2020, it was reported Avast antivirus was selling the browsing history of Avast product users through a subsite diary. But the company assured that all the data was “de-identified. From the report, it was clear that they sold data, peoples, real identities, and exposed the search and click they made. Due to this, Avast announced a close subsidiary to secure data privacy.

Key Features–

1.Complete Windows and Mac Security: Avast Premium Security gives real-time protection against viruses, spyware, and other malware. The Web Shield feature detects dangerous links, websites, and real-times and blocks them. An Email Shield restricts you from sending and receiving hazardous attachments. To protect against ransomware, essential documents are secured in folders. Wifi security detects and alerts you from intruders in your wireless network connection. The real site tea features restrict you from fake sites that are made to steal your information. As soon as possible, software updates are downloaded and installed.

Avast Premium Security | Online Security for Up to 10 Devices

2.Android Protection: Avast Premium Security 2020 protects your android phone/Laptop. Blocks unwanted callers and also checks security networks. Protects your apps and photos away from unauthorized users. Premium Security helps you to trace your lost phone and permits you to lock and wipe it remotely. If the SIM card is changed, the software actively thwarts thieves by automatically registering your phone and secretly captures photos and audio of the thief.

3.Identity Protection: Additional features are avail monitoring, wifi scanning, and encrypted photo vault. The iOS version has an inbuilt VPN to hide location and personal information.

4.Optimizing Android Devices: The power save feature extends battery life by adjusting your Android device settings. For faster performance, RAM Boost helps free up space on your phone or tablet. By removing unnecessary files, Junk Cleaner extends up storage space. A wifi speed test allows you to check uploading into uploading speed. App Insights feature calculates how much time and data you are consuming on specific apps.

How to download and install Avast Premium Security for PC/Mac

Step-1 Assure no other antivirus software or application is running on your PC/Mac.

Step-2 To download the Avast Premium Security setup file, click on the download button and save it. By default, files gets saved to your folder.

Step-3 Right-click on the downloaded setup file; from default text, select Run as administrator.

Step-4 Click yes if prompted for permission by the User Account Control.

Step-5 Click on the current language to remove the default language setting. Then clicks on the install button.

Step-6 Wait till setup installs Avast Premium Security on your PC/Mac.

Step-7 Click Get Started on the You’re protected screen once the installation is complete.

Step-8 If you want to share user data with Avast click, I agree.

Step-9 Activate your paid subscription after installation. If you don’t have a paid Avast subscription start a free trial, enjoy access for a limited period.

Step-10 To detect viruses, wrong browsers, and other issues on your PC/Mac, click Run First Scan to trigger a comprehensive Smart Scan.

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