If you are looking for a truck simulator game, then you can try out The American truck simulator. It is one of the best vehicle Simulation games that you can play nowadays. The Czech company SCS software Developed American truck simulator as a sequel of Euro Truck Simulator. Moreover, American truck simulator is also a spiritual successor of 18 wheels of the steel franchise. The gameplay of American truck simulator is set on the West Coast of the United States. 

FULL NAME:American Truck Simulator

Download American Truck Simulator

If you are into truck simulation games, then American truck simulator is best suited for you. It is not an ordinary truck simulation game, as you also have to perform business Tasks to showcase your business management skills. This game showcases realistic visuals all over the United States of America along with realistic driving physics. You are now able to have a live experience of a truck driver’s life and get to know how they have to manage their business. You can also earn in-game money in American truck simulators, which makes it one of the most realistic simulation games nowadays.

Features of American Truck Simulator

There are many videos of American truck simulators that makes it one of the best truck simulation games. Some features are as follows:

 Realistic graphics

American truck simulator represents a realistic graphical visualization of the United States of America. The realistic visuals of American truck simulator offer you a fantastic experience of driving a truck around America.

Business simulation

Not only is it a driving simulation game, but you can also Showcase your business management Features. American truck simulator Let’s you experience the life of a truck driver and go through all the business-related tasks that they have to follow in their everyday life. You will have you to follow all the driving rules, deliver cargo and make sure that it is undamaged and delivered on time. You can earn money and repair your trucks, pay loans, buy vehicles and even drivers in this game.

Play in the regions of America

You can now experience two regions of America. In this game, namely California and Nevada. You can visit 22 different cities present in California along with 55 MPH driving limits and visit ten cities present in Nevada also. Moreover, you can see a total of 92 cities in this game as per now is realistic visuals as well.

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Truck brands

Trucks present in the game are marvellous and realistic as well. You can find trucks from well-known brands in this game which include Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo, Mack and International Trucks.

Minimum installation requirements for American Truck Simulator

Now, if you want to download American truck simulator on your PC, then you have to ensure specific conditions required for the game. Such requirements as follows:

  • The operating system for American truck simulators is Windows 10, 8 and 7.
  • RAM required for American truck simulator is 4GB.
  • Hard disk drive storage required for American truck simulator is 4. GB.
  • The processor required for American truck simulator is dual-core CPU 2.4 GHz or above.

Download and install American Truck Simulator on PC

If you are willing to download American truck simulator on your PC but you don’t know then don’t worry about it. Follow the steps below to download it on your PC:

  1. First, download American truck simulator on your PC by clicking on the download button provided. Here. 
  2. After that, save it on your PC. 
  3. Then you have to go to the folder where you saved it.
  4. There you will be able to see. I set the folder for American truck simulator.
  5. After that, you can double click on the setup EXE file.
  6. Then a setup wizard will come up.
  7. After it happens, follow the steps provided in the setup wizard.
  8. Then wait for it to install on your PC.
  9.  You can then launch the app either from the installer or from your desktop.

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