About Win NC

Win NC is a Norton Commander file manager for windows. Although Windows has its own file management system, there are much more features that are provided by Win NC than the traditional Windows. It is created by a Dutch company called Dunes, which not only provides support for Win NC, but also does much more stuff like Web development, PowerPoint templates, graphic designs, and much more.


The latest version is Win NC Minor, which was released on 2nd October this year. This shows that the app is constantly being updated, improving the experience little by little. This app requires to be purchased, but you can also download a trial version. The trial version has an unlimited, meaning you can test it out for free. The trial version does not contain some features which are included in the paid version. You can also purchase multiple licenses and even company licenses through their online website.

The GUI of Win NC is similar to that of the original file manager, with a better and focused design based on productivity. You can perform the various file management options and more on this app. Win NC provides you with even more freedom and allows you to control much more of the app with a click of a button. You can select how many processes to run at the same time, which allows for smoother functioning of the app.

Review of Win NC

Win NC has a really positive rating in terms of customer reviews. Out of the many users which have used and also reviewed this app, a large chunk of them are positive. All the positive reviews talk and praise Win NC’s usability. Users are very happy with how easy it is to understand and use this program. Many people had amazing results while using Win NC. With its small size in terms of memory and simple design, Win NC can be used by anyone.

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How to Download Win NC?

To download Win NC on your device, you need to open any available online source which provides Win NC. Using the official site would be recommended as it is the safest way to download it. Next, click on download and let the program download. This will download a setup file which will download Win NC. Run the program downloaded, to run it and wait for it to install. Before downloading the paid version, you would of course need to pay. But this isn’t required for the trial version. The installation process requires some time. The time it takes for the program to download will vary depending on your desktop’s performance. 

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After the program will install, Win NC will be available to use on your device Anytime. During the installation process, Win NC will ask you to allow it to interact and locate some of your files inside your device. Any other steps which are required to do can change from program to program and would be available on their specific official websites. There might also be some cases where some programs do not support your operating system.

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