If you love PS1 styled games, then this one is definitely for you. VHS, 1986 is a horror-based game, which revolves around the mystery of old VHS tapes. These tapes are not meant for watching.

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The creator of highly popular No Players Online, Adam Pype, has come up with this haunted game. VHS, 1986 has been a part of the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend game jam.

What is VHS 1986?

VHS, 1986 is a type of puzzle game. The storyline is that your friend has handed over to you certain videotapes and a poster. These videotapes are apparently blank. But the reality is that these tapes are not empty.

They belong to someone else, and they might not like you watching the videos.

You might feel the urge to play the videotapes and see what is in them. The VHS tapes do not contain any dangerous, violent or horrible scene.

Rather they contain some very general scenes like someone taking a walk across the city, news story snippets about tobacco advertisements, flowers and so on.

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The situation gets all the weirder as your friend calls you back out of the concern and ask you to return the tapes as soon as possible. So it is your turn to solve the mystery behind the creepy videotapes.

You have to piece together the puzzling scenario before returning the tapes. You will not face any situation of extreme fear in the game. Also, the final reveal does not explain too many things.

But overall, the concept is really good. The construction of the puzzle has been done with cleverness. You should have good interpretation skills, a pair of sharp eyes and a QR scanner to solve the mystery.

Presently the game is compatible for Windows. Gamers are loving the retro look of the gameplay.

The depth of the rooms gives you a mysterious feeling. The atmosphere gets quite creepy and unsettling. You should definitely try playing VHS, 1986.

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