Games like Pokemon, Sonic, Contra, etc. had a big impact on our childhood days. Playing these games at those times required a TV and a Nintendo console. Which by itself was a huge hassle. But the fun that you received while playing was incomparable. Another major release during the ’90s was “Super Mario.”

FULL NAME:Super Mario 63
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This Italian plumber undoubtedly disrupted the gaming market and became Nintendo’s best-selling game of all time. While its popularity soared throughout the years, fans recreated few of the many Super Mario games and made “Super Mario 63.”

What is Super Mario 63?

Super Mario 63 is the culmination of all the bits and pieces of the popular Super Mario games such as Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Platforms, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros. It’s safe to say that this was the fan-created edition which had a lot going for it and made it quite famous throughout the years.

While there are several levels that one can try out, finishing one level can take you to the next. Since its rendition, the game has received several updates and fine-tuned to suit the present generation of retro-gaming enthusiasts. But the most prominent changes are towards the upgrades of the levels. The entire gameplay revolves in a 2D setup.


The game offers exceptional powerups of sorts. One can either play as Mario or Luigi. But all of them have to be unlocked through the accumulation of star coins. Having enough star rooms can unlock different playable characters. For special powerup modes, you will need eight red coins. But the various powerups that once can use are –

  • Four dissimilar power-caps.
  • 64-star coins.
  • 64 shine spirits.

The entire storyline revolves around Super Mario saving princess peach and her castle. For those wondering the list of characters in the game, then they are given as follows.

Super Mario 63
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Good Characters.

  • Mario.
  • Peach.
  • Toad.
  • Luigi.
  • Yoshi.

Evil Characters. 

  • Thwomps.
  • Browser.
  • Penguins.
  • Kamek.
  • Goonies & Skelegoonies.
  • Goomba.
  • Shy-guys.
  • Bob-bombs.
  • Bullies & Big Bullies.
  • Koopa.

Here are the hazard zones in the game.

  • Flame towers.
  • Bottomless pit.
  • Lava.

NOTE – falling into lava can make you leave three of your powers. Falling into the bottomless pit will take you to the lower section of the game. Falling into the flame towers will make you leave two of your powers But with invisibility cap and metal cap, passing through fire and lava becomes a breeze of a task.

Playing the game.

The game works seamlessly on Windows and using the standard arrow keys; you can either move Mario backwards and forwards by using the “left” or “right” arrow keys. The “up” and “down” arrow keys are for jumping and crouching. Pressing the “up” arrow key once or twice makes Mario jump equally higher. The “+” and “-“ signs are for zooming in and out of the game. To use special powers, “X” is for the spin attack, “Z” is for Talk/Ground pound. “P” is for pausing the game.

Key features of the game.

Impressive gameplay.

There are several tweaks which are imposed on the game to make it playable with today’s computer systems. Though it might be a 2D gameplay, the sound is crisp, and there is no distortion of hiccups whatsoever.

Decent graphics.

If you’re someone that played Super Mario a long time back, then the graphics haven’t changed one bit. It still comprises of the retro touch in the overall gameplay— retaining a buttery smooth experience of the game.

A plethora of levels.

With the combination of several games, there are plentiful of levels that one can explore and conquer. But finishing on the level can get you to another level.

Playable characters.

Mario and Luigi can are interchangeable while playing the game. But you would have to unlock Luigi, other characters and powerups as the game progresses. 

Download for Windows

How to download it and install it on a PC?

Download the file.

One can download the file from anywhere on the web. It’s a custom fan build of the Super Mario 64 and other iterations of the game. Ensure that you have an Adobe Flash Player installed to run the game.

Install it.

Open the downloaded file and install it as per the instructions given on the screen.


Enjoy succumbing to the nostalgic feeling of playing Mario on your desktop as and when you please without any lag or stutter.

NOTE – the game is available online as well. Please keep in mind that you have an updated flash player to run the game online.

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