Continuous usage and rigorous processing strain can cause abnormalities in our device. Therefore, it is very important to check and maintain the internal health of our device every now and then. But, it is not an easy job as you need an isolated environment to successfully test your internal system and hardware components. As a result, programmers and developers generally use Sandboxie to check the overall status of your device. Sandboxie is a widely used isolation and monitoring program that produces efficient results.

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The name is derived from the sandboxing technique used to create an isolated operating environment without modifying the local system. Thus, it allows users to browse in a remote environment. You can easily test new software without actually installing them in your system or drive. In the next paragraphs, we have collected 10 best alternatives of Sandboxie.

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10 Best Alternatives for PC and Mac


In this paragraph, we talk about Firejail. To elaborate, it can help you run your system in the virtual environment, without affecting your locale system. Secondly, your device will stay away from security risks and breaches. It is a SUID program with many impressive features. To elaborate, Firejail is Linux-only security and operational program. It eliminates the need for configuring complex files. It can trace system calls, memory and bandwidth usage, directories, logging accesses, and much more.

VMware ThinApp:

In this paragraph, we talk about VMware ThinApp. Firstly, it is one of the best alternatives based on Sandboxing. It is based on virtualisation concept. Using VMware ThinApp, you do not need to worry before installing new software in your device. It can be used to accelerate the data migration rate. It creates virtual assistance in your system. In addition, it has many uses such as desktop security, app mobility, OS migrations, server consolidation, and so on.

Cuckoo Sandbox:

Cuckoo Sandbox - Automated Malware Analysis

In this paragraph, we talk about Cuckoo Sandbox. Importantly, it will protect your device from any threat or malware. It is extremely modular and an advanced security tool. The app will create an isolated virtual environment in your device. To explain, It is also the leading open-source automated malware analysis system. Moreover, it has extensive usage in analysing any environment, reporting stages, result processing, etc.

SHADE Sandbox:

In this paragraph, we talk about SHADE Sandbox. First of all, can help in the isolation of any software in your device. It does not require any hardware virtualisation support. To elaborate, the app will protect your device from any unwanted threat. Be sure, that it will help you in accessing the web pages safely. It acts as a protective layer between viruses and your isolated environment. Also, it locks all incoming viruses or malware in your system. 

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In this paragraph, we talk about Any.Run. It is an interactive online malware sandbox. Any. Run will transform your device’s security into the next level. Secondly, it has many impressive tools to analyse any suspicious or malicious activities. The app gives the fastest analysis results with a wide set of environments. Therefore, it gives you the control to interact with the OS in a virtual environment. Additionally, take control of malware and viruses.

Deep Freeze:

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In this paragraph, we talk about Deep Freeze. To explain, it protects the core OS of your windows and macOS devices. It will automatically restore your system to default configuration before restarting. Hence, it is called reboot to restore software. It will help your device to stay away from ransomware or any accidental system changes. For instance, even if your system gets infected, it will restore it efficiently. 


In this paragraph, we talk about BufferZone. The all in one protection support is provided by BufferZone. It will not let any unwanted threat like malware, ransomware, phishing scams, zero-day exploits, etc. to infect your system. You can ensure the safest web browsing and endpoint isolation using BufferZone.Next, other notable features of BufferZone include network separation, virtual containment, proxy-based enforcement, and more.

Comodo Internet Security:

In this paragraph, we talk about Comodo.Comodo provides high-level security against all the new viruses. It will ensure your browser and networking security, along with security against predator apps. It is one of the best sandboxing solutions to stay away from online threats. Alongside, the app also tests any new program and then, provides a multi-layered security system. Any unknown changes can not be automatically applied to your system, while you use Comodo. 

Shadow Defender:

In this paragraph, we talk about Shadow Defender. It is another powerful tool and an alternative to Sandboxie. In other words, it is known to protect your device from any threat. It is an easy-to-use security tool that will protect your device in a real environment against unwanted changes. Shadow Defender will prevent all the malware and viruses. It lets you surf the web safely while letting your stay away from unwanted traces. 


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In this paragraph, we talk about Cameyo. The best program to launch before testing any new software on your device is Cameyo. Secondly, it supports the test of new apps and software on your device, without actually installing it in your system. To elaborate, Cameyo is independent, standalone and portable. Also, it provides virtualization and security features both online and offline.

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