Gaming culture keeps on evolving and changing. From NES ROM based games to modern-day NES Parties, from PUBG to Among Us, and from Discord connect to virtual reality. It has seen trends and trolls over the decade. But, a tabletop role-playing game experience that can never outshine. In addition, Roll20 is a tabletop role-playing game-like interface that is available on the various systems. You can use it to play games anywhere, anytime, and share them with your friends. In simple terms, it offers you a separate module that enrols you as a player and lets you play various games. It offers a smart interface that can be used easily on your device. To elaborate, the key feature of Roll20 includes a browser-based set of tools that lets the user play the tabletop role-playing game individually. In this article, you will find the best top 10 alternatives for Roll20.

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Roll20: Online virtual tabletop for pen and paper RPGs and board games

10 Best Alternatives for PC and Mac


PlanarAlly is one of the best tabletop tools that provides open-source software for web integration and desktop modules. It consists of various options for the user to integrate into the tabletop game and allow players to discover the multiple fictional worlds on the platform. It has a dungeon-like interface with a variety of features to enhance your gaming interface.

Dungeon Painter:

Dungeon Painter is another tabletop application with many features. In addition,it provides an interface for directly interacting with the dashboard. In other words, it has a sophisticated interface and provides a studio-like module that allows you to create lands and lakes, client tools to build roads and rivers, increasing and decreasing the size of the world map, and much more. 


Inkarnate is a special and powerful map designing platform. You can create maps, game-like interfaces, and much more based on your imagination. In addition, it also allows you to bring your fantasy world live by using various tools provided by the web-based platform and integrate with multiple other users and compete in the map gallery. It always has a pro-level subscription plan.

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Campaign Cartographer:

Designed for Windows users, Campaign Cartographer is a powerful software that provides map-making tools and game-like interface for tabletop players. Moreover, it provides you with various tools and site interfaces to give you all information on how to use the program. Every user can design their world with their imagination on this platform.

Astral Tabletop:

The easiest mechanism for playing tabletop role-playing games is by using Astral Tabletop software.  It creates engaging maps in just minutes and provides a readymade template for users to interact easily. Moreover, the application has a sophisticated interface and provides a web-based module to streamline your story. It provides tons of tools and integrates through the cloud server.  

Beyond Tabletop:

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Beyond Tabletop is a subscription-free online platform that allows the user to enhance their role-playing gaming experience. It provides an in-person mapping environment. The platform comes with a guided structure that replaces your role-playing maps and character with free real-time RPG players. It offers a real-time accessible database to easily share any of the files with other users on the platform.


MapTool is an RPG mapping tool that provides various features and modules. It allows you to create a map from scratch or to collaborate with multiple other designers and make similar maps. It provides you with a variety of tools and separate functions that you can use to integrate third-party applications on the platform and use its functionality. 

Fantasy Grounds:

Fantasy Grounds is an alternative program that provides you with tools to integrate RPG structure in your tabletop game. It offers you a separate module for getting fantasy ground preloaded content to incorporate into your games. The interface is easy to control, and the platform helps you keep all the information easily accessible. It can be attached to the side panel of your screen. 


Mipui is a tabletop map creating software which only supports the web-based module. It has an astonishing interface that provides you tools right on the left corner of the screen. Similarly,it has various facilities and response to every functionality on the platform. It is open-source software and a collaborative web app that offers to create, edit, and view grid-based tools for role-playing games.


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Rolisteam is a virtual tabletop software which grants the user various tools to make a map and create multiple designs in the game. It can be used to support RPG designs. It provides a boost to the role-playing game and also gives access for remote friends to directly access any module of the game and start playing. Also,it has different layouts for easy navigation.

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