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Last modified: September 1, 1996

   Operating Systems
program that performs a very specific task, usually related to managing system resources. Operating systems contain a number of utilities for managing disk drives, printers, and other devices.

Utilities differ from applications mostly in terms of size and complexity. For example, word processors, spreadsheet programs, and database applications are considered applications because they are large programs that perform a variety of functions not directly related to managing computer resources.

Utilities are sometimes installed as memory-resident programs. On DOS systems, such utilities are called TSRs.

Diagnostic tools for Macintosh
Contains a collection of information and download links for shareware and freeware diagnostic tools for the Macintosh. Updated on Dec 8, 1997

General utilities for Windows 95
Contains a collection of information and download links for various shareware utilities for Windows 95. Updated on Feb 8, 1998

General utility programs for Macintosh
Contains a collection of information and download links for general utility shareware and freeware programs for the Macintosh. Updated on Jan 7, 1998

PC diagnostic cards and software
This page, from Data Depot Inc., provides links to PC diagnostic test and utility products and free utility software for IBM PC compatibles. In addition, there are links to reseller information, on-line ordering, events schedule, and news and press releases. Updated on Jan 10, 1998

This site hosts a collection of resources for programmers that includes several libraries, test tools, debuggers, formatters and linkers, and tools for compression encryption. Updated on Feb 17, 1998

Yahoo!'s system utilities page
Yahoo!'s directory of system utilities. Updated on Jan 13, 1998

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