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Home > Quick Reference > File Extensions

Data Formats and Their File Extensions -- X

Number Symbol A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Full List
.x      Avs X image file (SDSC Image Tool)
	Lex source code file
.x01    Secondary index (Paradox)
.x02    Secondary index (Paradox)
.x03    Secondary index (Paradox)
.x04    Secondary index (Paradox)
.x05    Secondary index (Paradox)
.x06    Secondary index (Paradox)
.x07    Secondary index (Paradox)
.x08    Secondary index (Paradox)
.x09    Secondary index (Paradox)
.x16	Macromedia Program Extension (16-bit)
.x32	Macromedia Program Extension (32-bit)
.xbm    X11 Bitmap graphics
.xdf	Milnta APL Transfer Function
	Workshare Synergy file
.xfd	XML Form in XFDL Format
.xfn    Printer font (Xerox 4045) (Ventura Publisher)
.xft    24 pin printer font (ChiWriter)
.xfx    Fax File (various)
.xi     Fast Tracker 2 Instrument or ScreamTracker Instrument File
.xif    Wang image file
        Often a Fax image (TIFF) file
        ScanSoft Pagis XIF Extended Image Format
        Xerox image file
.xla    Xlib Archive (
.xla    Add-in macro sheet (MS Excel)
.xlb    Data (MS Excel)
.xlc    Chart document (MS Excel)
.xlk	Excel Backup
.xll    Excel Dynamic Link Library (MS Excel)
.xlm    Macro sheet (MS Excel)
.xlr	MS Works file
.xls    Spreadsheet(MS Works)
	DATAIR Data Import Specification Translation file
	Worksheet (MS Excel)
.xlt    Template (MS Excel)
	Translation table (Lotus 1-2-3 - Symphony - Procomm Plus)
.xlw    Workbook (MS Excel)
.xlx	XoloX Incomplete Download file
.xm     Music (Fast Tracker)
.xmi    Compressed eXtended MIdi music
.xml	Extensible Markup Language file
.xnf    Standard Network File form
.xnk	Microsoft Exchange Shortcut
.xpl	Music file
.xpm    X11 Pixel Map graphics
.xpr	Memorex CD-ROM label file
.xpt	XPCOM Type Library
.xpw	Leading Market Technologies EXPO
	Screen-Fillable Surfer Version of a Form
.xqt    Executable file (Waffle)
	Macro sheet (SuperCalc)
.xrf    Cross-reference file
.xsd	XML Schema file  
.xsf	Milnta APL Transfer Function
.xsl	Extensible Stylesheet Language file
.xss	Ability Office Spreadsheet
.xtb    External translation table (LocoScript)
.xtr 	MapTool file (an add-on for UI-View)
	Xtreme Tuning files
.xvb	WinExplorer VB Script
.xwd    X Window System window dump image graphics (SDSC Image Tool)
.xwk    Keyboard mapping (Crosstalk)
.xwp    Session (Crosstalk)
	Text file (Xerox Writer)
.xx     Compressed file ASCII archive created by XXENCODE (uuexe515.exe)
.xxe    Compressed file ASCII archive created by XXENCODE (uuexe515.exe)
.xxx	Singer Sewing Machine Professional SewWare file
        Embroidery Design file 
.xy     Text file (XY Write)
.xy3    Text file (XYWrite III)
.xyw    Text file (XyWrite III)
.xyz	ASCII RPG Maker Graphic Format

Number Symbol A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Full List

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