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Home > Quick Reference > File Extensions

Data Formats and Their File Extensions -- O

Number Symbol A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Full List
.o      Object file (unix - Atari - GCC)
.o$$    Outfile (Sprint)
.oaz    Fax (NetFax Manager)
.ob     Object cut/paste file (IBM LinkWay)
.obd	MS Office Binder
.obj    Object code (Intel Recolatable Object Module)
.obr    Object browser data file (Borland C++)
.obs    Script (ObjectScript)
.obv    Visual interface (ObjectScript)
.oca	Control Typelib Cache
.ocf    Object Craft File (Object Craft)
.ocm	AOL Advertising Control files
        Internet Odyssey 2 Update
.ocp	Advanced Art Studio
	Offline Commander Project file
.ocr    Incoming fax transcribed to text (FAXGrapper)
.oct	Radiance Octree Format
.ocx    OLE custom control
.odf	Open Document Interchange
	BattleZone Cartographers Guild file
	Star Trek Armada Ship/Structure Infomation
.odl    Type library source (Visual C++)
.oeb	Outlook Express Backup Wizard
.ofc	Open Financial Connectivity file
.ofd    Form definition (ObjectView)
.off    Object File Format vector graphics
.ofm	Adobe font
.oft	MS Outlook Item Template
.ofx	Olicom Fax 
	Open Financial Exchange file
.ogg	Ogg Vorbis Codec Compressed WAV file
.ogm	Ogg Vorbis Compressed Video file
.okt    Music (Oktalizer)
.olb    Object library (VAX)
.old    Backup file
.ole	Object Linking and Embedding Object 
.oli Text file (Olivetti) .omg OpenMG Jukebox .oms Briggs Softworks Order Maven Macintosh MP3 Music Format Omega Downloader Configuration file .ond Lotus Notes-related file .oom Swap file (Shroom) .opd Omnipage file .opf Flip Album file .opl Psion Organiser Programming Language Source file .opn Active options (Exact) .opt Optimize support file (QEMM) .opw Organization chart (Org Plus for Windows) .opx Inactive options (Exact) .or2 Lotus Organizer 2 file .or3 Lotus Organizer 97 file .or4 Lotus Organizer file .or5 Lotus Organizer file .ora Parameter file (Oracle) .org Calendar file (Lotus Organizer) .osd Open Software Description file .oss MS Office Saved Search .ost Microsoft Outlook Offline file .otf Open Type Format .otl Outline font description (Z-Soft Type Foundry) .otx Text file (Olivetti Olitext Plus) .out Output file .ov1 Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed) .ov2 Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed) .ovd Datafile (ObjectVision) .ovl Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed) .ovr Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed) .ovw Cool Edit Pro Overviewfile Cubase .WAV File Image DIANA Overview file .ows Web Studio 2 Project file

Number Symbol A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Full List

Do you have a file extension that starts with "O" that is not in our list? Click here to submit a file extension.

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