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Home > Quick Reference
Who's Who in Internet
and Computer Technology

The people listed in this section have made major contributions to the field of computer and Internet technology. Some are computer scientists whose developments have paved the way for the Internet of today; some are founders of companies that have influenced the direction of new developments and e-commerce trends. The one thing they all have in common is that the Internet would not be what it is today without the work they have done. As the technology leaps forward at a rapid pace, the list will continue to grow as new innovators make their mark on the industry. We realize that there are hundreds of people who have shaped the industry, and we strongly encourage our readers to submit the name of any person that deserves to be included in our list.

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Abramson, Norm
Allen, Paul
Andreessen, Marc
Atanasoff, John
Babbage, Charles
Ballmer, Steve
Baran, Paul
Bechtolsheim, Andy
Berners-Lee, Tim
Berry, Clifford
Bezos, Jeff
Bhatia, Sabeer
Boole, George
Bosack, Len
Bosak, Jon
Canion, Rod
Case, Steve
Cerf, Vint
Chen, Peter
Clark, Jim
Codd, Edgar
Cox, Alan
Cray, Seymour
Daines, Bernard
Dell, Michael
Dijkstra, Edsger
Ellison, Larry
Engelbart, Doug
Ershov, Andrei
Gates, Bill
Geschke, Chuck
Goldfarb, Charles
Gosling, James
Grove, Andy
Heart, Frank
Hopper, Grace
Jobs, Steve
Joy, Bill
Kahn, Robert
Kay, Alan
Kernighan, Brian
Khosla, Vinod
Kleinrock, Leonard
Lerner, Sandy
Licklider, J.C.R.
Lovelace, Ada Byron
McNealy, Scott
Metcalfe, Bob
Minsky, Marvin
Moore, Gordon
Noorda, Ray
Noyce, Bob
Postel, Jonathan
Ritchie, Dennis
Roberts, Ed
Shugart, Alan
Stallman, Richard
Stroustrup, Bjarne
Thompson, Ken
Tomlinson, Ray
Torvalds, Linus
Turing, Alan
von Neumann, John
Wall, Larry
Warnock, John
Wozniak, Steve
Yourdon, Ed
Zuse, Konrad

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Whom would you like added? Click here to submit a name.

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