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The art and science of producing and manipulating digital photographs -- photographs that are represented as bit maps. Digital photographs can be produced in a number of ways:
  • Directly with a digital camera
  • By capturing a frame from a video
  • By scanning a conventional photograph
  • Once a photograph is in digital format, you can apply a wide variety of special effects to it with image enhancing software. You can then print the photo out on a normal printer or send it to a developing studio which will print it out on photographic paper.

    Although the resolution of digital photos is not nearly as high as photos produced from film, digital photography is ideal when you need instant, low-resolution pictures. It's especially useful for photos that will be displayed on the World Wide Web because Web graphics need to be low resolution anyway so that they can be downloaded quickly.

    For pages about digital photography, . Also, check out the following links!

    More Information

      A Short Course in Digital Photography
    Provides an introduction to digital photography, with sections on digital cameras, digital imaging, scanning, and graphic files formats. Also offers a collection of free tools and links to digital photography resources. Updated on Jun 9, 1998

      An introduction to digital photography
    This article, from ComputerCredible, provides a brief introduction to digital photography with sections on scanners, data files, video capture, and digital cameras. Updated on Aug 5, 1998

      Digital photography as legal evidence
    This paper reveals an abbreviated overview of how digital images are captured, stored, and manipulated, how digital photography is part photograph, part computer data, and how neither doctrine is entirely adequate to address the foreseeable danger of negligent or fraudulent misuse of inaccurate images, and suggestions to assure the integrity of visual evidence presented in court.

      Kodak's Digital Imaging Learning Center
    This Kodak site provides links to four online books containing: step-by-step directions on how to manipulate digital images, an explanation of the current technology as it relates to digital imaging, digital color theory, and reference materials. Updated on Aug 4, 1998

      Photography system purchasing information
    This page, from Photo Shopper, provides links to two articles describing what a photographer really needs in order to build an ideal digital photography system, and how much it will cost.

      Yahoo!'s digital photography companies page
    Yahoo!'s directory of digital photography companies. Updated on May 9, 1998


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