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A group of two or more computer systems linked together. There are many types of computer networks, including:
  • local-area networks (LANs) : The computers are geographically close together (that is, in the same building).
  • wide-area networks (WANs) : The computers are farther apart and are connected by telephone lines or radio waves.
  • In addition to these types, the following characteristics are also used to categorize different types of networks:

  • topology : The geometric arrangement of a computer system. Common topologies include a bus, star, and ring.
  • protocol : The protocol defines a common set of rules and signals that computers on the network use to communicate. One of the most popular protocols for LANs is called Ethernet. Another popular LAN protocol for PCs is the IBM token-ring network .
  • architecture : Networks can be broadly classified as using either a peer-to-peer or client/server architecture.
  • Computers on a network are sometimes called nodes. Computers and devices that allocate resources for a network are called servers.


    More Information

    Outstanding Page Direct Connect
    Contains information on how to network two computers on any Windows platforms using an inexpensive cable. Includes illustrated guides for use of interlink, direct cable connect, and remote access service. This form of networking is useful for transferring files from a notebook computer to a desktop, transferring files to a new computer, or sharing a printer. Updated on Nov 24, 1997

    Outstanding Page Linux Network Adminstrators' Guide
    Comprehensive guide to networking that includes introductory, configuration and setup information for various network concepts, services and applications. Updated on Mar 8, 1998

    Outstanding Page Network Buyer's Guide
    Offers information on companies and products in the networking and storage (hardware and software) industry. Includes a searchable database of products and vendors, links to individual vendor sites and resellers, a library of white papers, press section, and online product presentations. Updated on Jul 16, 1998

    Outstanding Page Networking Primer white paper
    The Network Primer, from Bay Networks, provides links to general networking concepts. Sections include information on LANS, Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, hubs, switches, and internetworking.

    Outstanding Page The Cabling Directory
    The Cabling Directory is an interactive information and buyers guide for cable related resources on the Internet. Categories include: cable administration and assemblies, cable, connectors, connecting hardware, distributors, engineering, enclosures, and installation companies.

    Outstanding Page The Network Professional Association (NPA) site
    The NPA site contains organization and membership information, along with links to technical resources, training and certification, journals, and news. Updated on Jul 17, 1998

    Outstanding Page Windows 95 networking FAQ
    Comprehensive FAQ for networking with Windows 95. Updated on Jul 3, 1997

      Bay Networks
    Corporate site for Bay Networks, Inc. provider of network connectivity products for corporate enterprises, service providers and telecommunications carriers. Updated on Aug 5, 1998

      Case Technology home page
    Offers links to company news, products, support and services, company information, and industry news. Updated on Jun 27, 1998

      Certified Network Professional (CNP) program
    Provides information on this professional certification program, along with links to news, educational offerings, a toolbox, and vendor opportunities. Updated on May 17, 1998

      CommNews home page
    CommNews is an electronic magazine that provides articles containing practical information on today's corporate communications networks. Here, you'll find links to feature stories, product information, product/vendor directories, and several buyer's guides. Updated on Nov 16, 1997

      Computer Networking Resources
    From the Mining Company, the page hosts a collection of resource links to computer network information. Includes are feature articles, tips,and troubleshooting information.

      D-Link Systems, Inc.
    Home page for D-Link Systems Inc., manufacturer of hubs, switches, routers, transceivers, adapters, repeaters, media converters, and print servers. Updated on Aug 5, 1998

      Data communications resource page
    Contains a comprehensive collection of links to educational materials for data communications, networks and telephony. Updated on Mar 7, 1998

      Digital's network products home page
    Contains links to product literature, technical information, application stories, press releases, seminars, and training and event information. Updated on Apr 25, 1998

      Ficon Technology
    Ficon is a software development and consulting company that specializes in various networking and communication technologies. Their site includes links to company and services information, a networking standards bodies reference library, and partnerships. Updated on Mar 27, 1998

      Greater Boston Network Users Group
    This organization is dedicated to helping members understand, use, and manage computer networks. They offer links to information on their organization, as well as network reference sites. Updated on Aug 5, 1998

      Inflight Systems product manufacturer page
    This is a product reference page from Inflight Systems. It contains links to several manufacturers in the following areas: networks and communications, adapters, hard disk drives, memory, software, CD-ROM, fax/modem, and backups.

      Lucent Technologies home page
    Site of Lucent Technologies and offers links to their range of services, consumer products, programs, and company information. Updated on Aug 2, 1998

      Luminex home page
    Luminex offers products that network CD-ROM drives and jukeboxes in Netware, UNIX, and multi-protocol environments. Their home page provides links to company, product and support information. Updated on Mar 19, 1998

      NetScout Systems
    Home page for NetScout Systems, a provider distributed diagnostic systems based on the RMON standard for monitoring and managing mission-critical networks. Contains product and solution information as well as a company overview, event listing, and service and support information. Updated on Mar 6, 1998

      Network Standards Organizations
    Descriptions and links to the major international, regional, and national network standards institutes.

      Oracle's Network Computing Architecture page
    Describes Oracle's Network Computing Architecture and provides links to related solutions, collateral and press releases. Updated on Mar 6, 1998

      The IBM Networking home page
    A collection of links to IBM networking products and technologies, technical support, documentation, partners, FAQs, and educational resources. Updated on Aug 1, 1998

      Upgrading and Repairing Networks - online reference book
    Online version of the book entitled "Upgrading and Repairing Networks" from QUE Corporation, an imprint of Macmillan Publishing USA. Updated on Jun 5, 1998

      Yahoo!'s communication and networking index
    Yahoo!'s directory of communications and networking. Updated on Aug 4, 1998

      Yahoo!'s Windows 95 networking index
    Yahoo!'s directory of Windows 95 networking links. Updated on Aug 4, 1998


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