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Abbreviation of integrated services digital network, an international communications standard for sending voice, video, and data over digital telephone lines or normal telephone wires. ISDN supports data transfer rates of 64 Kbps (64,000 bits per second). Most ISDN lines offered by telephone companies give you two lines at once, called B channels. You can use one line for voice and the other for data, or you can use both lines for data to give you data rates of 128 Kbps, three times the data rate provided by today's fastest modems.

The original version of ISDN employs baseband transmission. Another version, called B-ISDN, uses broadband transmission and is able to support transmission rates of 1.5 Mbps. B-ISDN requires fiber optic cables and is not widely available.

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More Information

Outstanding Page Dan Kegel's ISDN page
This user page provides numerous links to many aspects of ISDN. Sample categories include: informational (what is ISDN?) , latest news, product development, company information, software and hardware, ISDN service providers, and links to additional Web resources.

Outstanding Page ISDN newsgroup FAQ
These questions and answers are from the newsgroup comp.dcom.isdn. Here you can find information on what ISDN is, what the network looks like, telephone service issues, and technical information on products and equipment. Updated on Aug 2, 1998

Outstanding Page ISDN User's Guide
From Pacific Bell, this page provides links to the ISDN User's Guide table of contents. Some sections include: ISDN fundamentals, use in applications,and types of services and connections.

Outstanding Page White paper on ISDN and data networking
This paper, from 3Com, presents an overview of narrowband ISDN technology and reports on its current deployment status worldwide. Updated on Jun 14, 1998

  IETF ISDN Working Group Charter
Describes the IETF ISDN working group and includes contact and mailing list information and links to Internet draft documents. Updated on Aug 2, 1997

  ISDN Technology Overview
Contains a comprehensive explanation of ISDN technology from Shiva Corporation.

  ISDN tutorial and resources
Covers the basics of ISDN along with sections on history, advantages, interfaces, and links to Web references and sources. Updated on Aug 1, 1998

  ISDN Zone
Useful reference for information on ISDN. Includes a showcase of Web technologies as well as a special section on setting up small offices/home offices.
Information for individuals and organizations who may be considering upgrading their current Internet connectivity from standard analog modem connections.

  Macintosh ISDN FAQ
General and technical information regarding Macintosh users who are thinking about upgrading to ISDN.

  Microsoft's ISDN page
Explains the basics of ISDN with sections on software, hardware and services as well as a glossary of ISDN-related terms and links to related Web sites.

  National ISDN Council
Provides information on the activities and involvements of the National ISDN Council, a forum of telecommunications service providers supporting the development of ISDN services on a nationwide basis.

  North American ISDN Users Forum (NIUF)
The purpose of the NIUF is to create a strong user voice in the implementation of ISDN applications. Here you can read about this organization and their working groups, applications, documentation, and meetings, as well as links to other ISDN resources. Updated on Mar 26, 1998

  WAN Buyer's Directory
LAN Times site with information on a variety of WAN products. The directory features CSU/DSU hardware, frame relay hardware, ISDN modems, and routers from leading vendors.

  Yahoo!'s ISDN page
Yahoo!'s directory of ISDN links. Updated on Aug 4, 1998


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