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The World Wide Web may seem like a dynamic environment, but every link on every page needs to be hard-coded as an <A HREF=> tag. Wouldn't it be better if links could be dynamically generated based on centralized tables of sources and destinations? Enter WordLink...

Click the button below to see how WordLink can dynamically link terms on this page to the PC Webopaedia:
To put this button on your pages, refer to our Partners Program.

ZDNet's Anchordesk site uses WordLink to dynamically link all its stories to the ZD Webopedia. Try it.

The WordLink Family

  • WordLink/Server (TM) is designed for Web publishers, this product automatically creates links as Web pages are served. You define which terms should be linked and to which pages the terms should point to; WordLink Server does the rest. When a user requests a page, WordLink intercepts the HTML stream before it is sent back to the user's browser and inserts links according to your specifications. This frees you from the time-consuming and error-prone task of inserting links by hand. Moreover, since the links don't actually exist in the HTML, you can change them globally just by modifying the table of link sources and destinations. WordLink Server works on all server platforms and works with "cooked" pages as well as static pages.

  • WordLink/Component (TM) allows you to select text from any Windows document and send it to the PC Webopaedia search engine. Highlight the word ActiveX in an e-mail memo, for example, and the PC Webopaedia ActiveX page will instantly appear in your browser window. WordLink/Component is bundled with Any97 from Anysoft. It requires Windows 3.x, Windows for Workgroups, or Windows 95. and start sailing the web.

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