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voice recognition
Last modified: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 

The field of computer science that deals with designing computer systems that can recognize spoken words. Note that voice recognition implies only that the computer can take dictation, not that it understands what is being said. Comprehending human languages falls under a different field of computer science called natural language processing.

A number of voice recognition systems are available on the market. The most powerful can recognize thousands of words. However, they generally require an extended training session during which the computer system becomes accustomed to a particular voice and accent. Such systems are said to be speaker dependent.

Many systems also require that the speaker speak slowly and distinctly and separate each word with a short pause. These systems are called discrete speech systems. Recently, great strides have been made in continuous speech systems -- voice recognition systems that allow you to speak naturally. There are now several continuous-speech systems available for personal computers.

Because of their limitations and high cost, voice recognition systems have traditionally been used only in a few specialized situations. For example, such systems are useful in instances when the user is unable to use a keyboard to enter data because his or her hands are occupied or disabled. Instead of typing commands, the user can simply speak into a headset. Increasingly, however, as the cost decreases and performance improves, speech recognition systems are entering the mainstream and are being used as an alternative to keyboards.

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A PC Magazine product review of DragonDictate for Windows. (May 1996)

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Plum Voice Portals: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - VoiceXML IVR systems and software for XML-based IVR integration and features such as speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis.

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Diamond Voice: IVR - Service provider of hosted IVR and automated attendant solutions for database information retrieval, order processing and call routing.

Data-Tel Info Solutions: IVR - Whether you're upgrading your existing contact center or building from the ground up, Data-Tel has solutions to make your operation more efficient.

Data Exchange, Inc: Interactive Voice Response Services - Better pricing and technology, from the nation's leader in interactive voice response (IVR), Third Party Verification (TPV) service and call centers.

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