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Last modified: Friday, April 12, 2002 

Pronounced ver-mal, and short for Virtual Reality Modeling Language, VRML is a specification for displaying 3-dimensional objects on the World Wide Web. You can think of it as the 3-D equivalent of HTML. Files written in VRML have a.wrl extension (short for world). To view these files, you need a VRML browser or a VRML plug-in to a Web browser.

VRML produces a hyperspace (or a world), a 3-dimensional space that appears on your display screen. And you can figuratively move within this space. That is, as you press keys to turn left, right, up or down, or go forwards or backwards, the images on your screen will change to give the impression that you are moving through a real space.

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For pages about VRML . Also check out the following links!

Related Links

The VRML Repository 
Contains a collection of links to VRML hardware and software, documentation, worlds, sounds and textures, newsgroups, mailing lists, and related sites.

VRML resource page 
A comprehensive set of links to the various aspects of VRML including browsers, authoring, newsgroups and mailing lists, object libraries, and online books, magazines and publications.

VRML Site Magazine 
An online magazine dedicated to VRML news, product reviews, tools, and Java chat.

Caligari Corporation VRML page
Contains an overview of VRML, along with information on Caligari's Pioneer VRML tool, and HTML browser configuration instructions.

Grafman's VR World
Provides links to randomly generated 3D models and VRML demonstrations. There's also a VRML gallery, information and specifications, and 3D animated GIFs demonstrations.

The VRML Consortium
Good resource for information on VRML standards and specifications. Also contains news items, working group information and links, and resources for VRML on the Web.

Virtual Home Space Builder home page
Provides product information for Virtual Home Space Builder, a complete VRML authoring system for the World Wide Web.

Virtus Walk Through Pro home page
Home page for WalkThrough Pro, a 3-D visualization program featuring VRML export for publishing 3-D sites on the World Wide Web, from Virtus Corporation.

VRML and Quicktime VR Technology
An article from the National Library of Canada.

VRML browser resource page
This page, from Stroud's CWSApps List, provides an index of VRML browsers with ratings, download locations, brief descriptions, and manufacturer information.

Collection of questions and answers from the comp.lang.vrml newsgroup.

VRML Primer
This primer covers the basics of VRML 2.0.

The VRML Ring consists of web sites linked together to form a "tour" of VRML content sites.

VRML tips page
A good site for learning the basics of VRML. Sections include information on navigation, compatibility, cameras, lighting, and avatars.

Yahoo!'s VRML page
Yahoo!'s directory of VRML.

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