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open architecture
Last modified: Friday, January 25, 2002 

An architecture whose specifications are public. This includes officially approved standards as well as privately designed architectures whose specifications are made public by the designers. The opposite of open is closed or proprietary.

The great advantage of open architectures is that anyone can design add-on products for it. By making an architecture public, however, a manufacturer allows others to duplicate its product. Linux, for example, is considered open architecture because its source code is available to the public for free. In contrast, DOS, Windows, and the Macintosh architecture and operating system have been predominantly closed. Many lawsuits have been filed over the use of these architectures in clone machines. For example, IBM issued a Cease and Desist order, followed by a battery of lawsuits, when COMPAQ built its first computers.

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The Open Group home page 
The Open Group is an international consortium of vendors, ISVs and end-user customers from industry, government, and academia. Their home page provides links to information on open systems, a software mall, organization overviews, news, events, research, and technical focus areas.

UniForum home page 
Home page of UniForm, an international association of open systems professionals. Their site contains links to membership information, trade shows and conferences, publications, product information, a comprehensive collection of articles, and on-line services.

European Workshop for Open Systems (EWOS)
Describes the efforts of the European Workshop for Open Systems, an open European organization working to provide contributions to the worldwide efforts to build a Global Information Infrastructure,

Moving to open systems - article
Offers tips and advice on making the move to open systems.

NetScout Open Architecture
Describes Frontier Software Development's open architecture approach to advanced RMON systems.

Signal Computing System Architecture (SCSA) information
SCSA is a open, software-independent hardware architecture for computer telephony platforms initiated by the Dialogic company. This page offers overview information on this standard, as well as links to hardware models, application opportunities, standard supporters, and the Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum (ECTF).

Standard on Open Architecture for the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE)
Provides information on the SAE's General Open Architecture Framework document.

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