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Last modified: Monday, April 22, 2002 

The use of computers to present text, graphics, video, animation, and sound in an integrated way. Long touted as the future revolution in computing, multimedia applications were, until the mid-90s, uncommon due to the expensive hardware required. With increases in performance and decreases in price, however, multimedia is now commonplace. Nearly all PCs are capable of displaying video, though the resolution available depends on the power of the computer's video adapter and CPU.

Because of the storage demands of multimedia applications, the most effective media are CD-ROMs.

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Related Links

Audio/Video streaming products review - article 
New Media article (October 1996) on their evaluation of several audio and video streaming products. Includes their analysis and review as well as links to server and streaming audio and video software, test methodology, an audio quality chart, and discussion of QuickTime, ActiveX and other alternatives.

IMA's multimedia home page 
Home page of the Interactive Multimedia Association (IMA). Visitors can acess the IMA news journal, press releases, glossary of multimedia terms, and CD-MATCH, a program designed to help consumers match their multimedia personal computers (MPCs) with CD-ROM titles.

MPC Working Group home page 
Provides information about the Multimedia PC Working Group and includes information on MPC standards (Level 1, 2 and 3), licensing, certified products, helpful links, and a list of members.

Multimedia and Internet authoring tools 
Contains links to software tools available for both traditional multimedia authoring and Web authoring as well as a collection of tutorials.

Multimedia Design for the World Wide Web 
Presents elements to consider when laying out a Web site. Topics include: audience definition, document layout, images, element design, and site planning and navigation information.

Multimedia PC working group site 
From the Software Publishers Association, the MPC working group site provides comprensive information on MPC standards, organizational information, press releases, FAQs, and licensing information.

Multimedia personal computers home page 
Presents a useful list of recommendations to use when purchasing a state-of the art multimedia personal computer. In addition, there are technical articles listed as recommended reading.

Online Guide for Multimedia Courseware Developers 
Contains an electronic version of "New Frontiers of Learning (Guidelines for Multimedia Courseware Developers in Higher Education)". An extensive collection of information pertaining to the creation of computer-based training on multimedia platforms.

VIScorp home page 
Home page of VIScorp. VIScorp is working on technologies and services to allow a television viewers to use the World Wide Web, online services and interactive television.

Article on MMX and its uses
This article explains what MMX is, how it works, and highlights the use of MMX instruction sets in 3D graphics.

Article on MMX-enabled chip
This Ziff-Davis Anchor Desk article, from January 10, 1996, describes the capabilities of Intel's MMX-enable chip and provides links to many related news articles.

Bop Entertainment home page
This company home page highlights software which links the television to the Internet. There are links to their products and services, company information, technology information, and a download link for their demo viewer.

CCITT/ISO Multimedia Standards
List of CCITT/ISO multimedia standards with brief explanations.

Cyber Interactive home page
Cyber Interactive is a multimedia software and electronic publishing company. Their home page offers information and a download link for Cybermanager, a Multimedia Viewer for Windows product. In addition, they offer a link to multimedia resources on the Web.

Diamond Multimedia product page
Provides links to Diamond Multimedia's line of graphics and video accelerator cards, fax-modems and multimedia products.

FlickerFree Multimedia Products home page
This home page offers information on the FlickerFree company, multimedia products, software, support, and a link to a free personal AVI editor, a video editing product for Windows.

HTML notes and resources for using graphics
A valuable page for those working with JPEG and GIF files in their Web pages. Here, you can find HTML code examples for adding graphics to your Web pages, alignment options, borders, and resources for locating and creating graphics for your pages.

Integrated Media Systems Center Home Page
Home page for the University of California's National Science Center Engineering Research Center. There are links to education, integrated multimedia research projects and industrial collaborations.

Internet Video Services home page
Internet Video Services specializes in the compression, digitization, storage and distribution of video and audio for the Internet. There are links to product information, a video catalog, and MPEG and QuickTime discussions and resources.

Macromedia Software
Provides information on several of Macromedia's multimedia software products.

MediaPaq Manager product page
Describes the features of MediaPaq Manager, a software tool for creating, organizing, and manipulating collections of multimedia objects. There are links to download a trial version of this software and samples that include clip art libraries.

Microsoft's Windows Media Site
Highlights Microsoft's Windows media technology.

Mpact processor
Contains links to technical information, FAQs, documentation and general product information for the Mpact media processor from Chromatic Research. This chip works in conjunction with an X86/MMX processor to provide a digital multimedia functions.

Multimedia Authoring Systems FAQ
Contains general information on authoring systems as well as a comprehensive list of tools organized by platform, and related newsgroups and Web sites.

Multimedia Authoring Web
Collection of links to authoring languages, listservs, multimedia centers, commercial producers, and resources organized by specific media types.

Multimedia file formats on the Web
This is a beginner's guide to file formats on the Internet. It is intended to cover the most basic concepts of various file formats available on the Internet, and the ways to identify and to use the files.

Multimedia Solutions home page
This company provides interactive video training, video digitization services (MPEG 1 and AVI formats), and kiosk development. Their page offers links to company, products and services information.

NET TOOB product page
Describes the capabilities and features of NET TOOB - a Web multimedia player that integrates with most browsers.

PC World's desktop publishing and graphics site
Provides users with news articles, product reviews and comparisons, and a collection of desktop publishing, Web graphics, and multimedia tips.

Quickwave Multimedia Telephony Card product page
A product page describing feature and specifications of these card products, from Logicode.

The Heidsite TipFinder
Provides general information on the Apple Macintosh, including tips, news, downloadable software, product information, and numerous links to Macintosh related sites.

Video Express Viewer product page
Describes Video Express Viewer, avideo file playback utility that supports Video for Windows as well as other video formats. There are links to download an evaluation version and video driver software, product features, system requirements, and technical support information.

Yahoo!'s Hypermedia Page
Yahoo!'s directory of hypermedia.

Yahoo!'s multimedia page
Yahoo!'s directory of multimedia.

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