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load balancing
Last modified: Tuesday, July 06, 2004 

Distributing processing and communications activity evenly across a computer network so that no single device is overwhelmed. Load balancing is especially important for networks where it's difficult to predict the number of requests that will be issued to a server. Busy Web sites typically employ two or more Web servers in a load balancing scheme. If one server starts to get swamped, requests are forwarded to another server with more capacity. Load balancing can also refer to the communications channels themselves.

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INSA: Load Balancers - Reseller of network security products, including load balancers, intrusion detection and prevention devices, anti-virus appliances, and more.

KEMP Technologies: Load Balancer - Sells the LoadMaster, a server load balancer/SSL accelerator infrastructure appliance.

Optrics Engineering: NetScaler Load Balancers - Distributes NetScaler Web Application Control Systems, providing firewall load balancing, server load balancing and SSL web acceleration.

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What makes a server a server? Is there a difference between an e-mail server and a messaging server? Should a firewall be considered a server in certain circumstances? These questions and more are answered in an extensive tutorial that cuts through the marketing hype and explains the basics of key server types.

Distributed Computing: An Overview
Online tutorial that describes the complex concepts of parallel and distrubuted computer architecture.

IBM eNetwork Dispatcher
Product page for IBM's eNetwork Dispatcher load balancing software.

Load balancing router
Home page of Coyote Point System. This page highlights their load balancing router product -- Equalizer.

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Network Liquidators: Load Balancers - An online destination for discount used, refurbished, and new open box network equipment, including load balancers, SSL accelerators, and servers.

Secure IM Management - Experience comprehensive IM management and security. Prevent IM worms and viruses. InfoWorld 2005 Technology of the Year Award Winner. Free trial.

KnowledgeStorm: Load Balancers - Business technology search site offering software, service, reseller and hardware information on thousands of IT solutions.

DOESConsulting: BIG-IP Load Balancers - Online seller offers used BIG-IP load balancers, 3DNS, and Globalsite servers. Assists with configuration, administration, and maintenance.

Citrix Systems: Citrix Systems Inc - Provides access infrastructure for the on-demand enterprise, including SSL accelerators, VPN security, remote access, and authentication solutions.

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