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Last modified: Tuesday, May 19, 1998 

Short for Internet Access Provider, a company that provides access to the Internet. IAPs generally provide dial-up access through a modem and PPP connection, though companies that offer Internet access with other devices, such as cable modems or wireless connections, could also be considered IAPs.

The terms IAPs and ISP (Internet Service Providers) are often used interchangeably, though some people consider IAPs to be a subset of ISPs. Whereas IAPs offer only Internet access, ISPs may provide additional services, such as leased lines (T-1 or T-3) and Web development. In contrast to both IAPs and ISPs, online services provide their own proprietary content in addition to Internet access.

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Internet provider FAQ 
Provides information on how to become an internet service provider. Key topics covered are: equipment, billing, competition, legal issues, marketing information, technical problems, a glossary, and links to related resources.

The List - A database of Internet Service Providers 
The database at 'The List' site contains over 3,000 Internet Service Providers from around the world. The database is searchable by entering the ISP name or domain name, or you can choose from a variety of several categories to locate an ISP near you.

Brief guide to determining Internet Service Provider (ISP) needs
Provides answers to the five most popular questions asked when choosing an Internet Service Provider.

Choosing an Internet access service provider
Contains an extensive list of questions to ask potential Internet Service Providers.

Internet Service Provider search engine
Offers a searchable database of over 4,000 ISPs in the United States and Canada. Users can locate ISPs by area code or modem speed and then compare monthly usage costs.

Russ Haynal's ISP Page
Contains resources that "every ISP employee should know about the Internet." Includes links to backbone maps, global interconnection points, Internet architecture data, etc.

The Directory
Provides a directory of thousands of bulletin board systems (BBS) in over 100 countries, and over 5,800 Internet Service Providers.

Yahoo!'s Internet Access Provider page
Yahoo!'s directory of Internet Access Providers.

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