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Last modified: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 

Short for HyperText Markup Language, the authoring language used to create documents on the World Wide Web. HTML is similar to SGML, although it is not a strict subset.

HTML defines the structure and layout of a Web document by using a variety of tags and attributes. The correct structure for an HTML document starts with <HTML><HEAD>(enter here what document is about)<BODY> and ends with </BODY></HTML>. All the information you'd like to include in your Web page fits in between the <BODY> and </BODY> tags.

There are hundreds of other tags used to format and layout the information in a Web page. Tags are also used to specify hypertext links. These allow Web developers to direct users to other Web pages with only a click of the mouse on either an image or word(s). For a more complete list of tags, check out some of the URLs below.

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For pages about HTML . Also check out the following links!

Related Links

Downloadable HTML editors 
Provides links to downloadable HTML editors.

HTML 3.2 and Netscape 4.0 
Reference document for HTML 3.2. Included are descriptions of tags and attributes as well as many examples.

HTML Made Easy 
This tutorial was made for those of you who would like to learn html but after looking at the source code of all those nice Web pages on the net, thought "Whoa! this is too complicated."

HTML Table Tutor 
This easy-to-follow tutorial explains how to create tables for Web documents and provides many examples. 
Extensive site for learning HTML at all levels. JavaScript is also covered in detail.'s Web Development Channel 
Contains links to sites that provide in-depth information, tutorials, and resources for Web development.

WWW Consortium HTML page 
WWW Consortium's page for the HyperText Markup Language (HTML). There are links to style sheets, specifications, FAQs, news and tutorials.

Client-side scripting and HTML - W3C working draft
This specification covers extensions to HTML needed for client-side scripting.

Composing Good HTML
Provides a resource for those who want to improve their HTML documents by following document style guidelines and good practices.

Cougar - W3C's next version of HTML
Describes Cougar, W3C's next version of HTML. There is a description of what's new in this version, links to draft documents, and information on HTML specifications.

DTP / HTML Tutorials
Compilation of tutorial and lesson pages relating to desktop publishing and HTML. Also includes related links, utilities and downloadable graphics.

Hot Source: HTML Help
Resource site covering many areas of Web page authoring beyond HTML, including Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, CGI, graphic design, ethics and design, and information on publicizing your Web site.

HTML 4.0 working draft release
Contains the HTML 4.0 working draft (July 8, 1997) from the World Wide Web Consortium (WW3).

HTML Code Tutorial
Tutorials on many of the elements required to build Web pages.

Collection of HTML-related questions and answers from the comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html newsgroup.

HTML Home Page
Contains the latest developments in HTML from the W3C.

Interactive HTML tutorial for beginners
This tutorial page contains links to chapters describing various HTML commands. Here, the beginner will find information on common tags, images and links, lists, frames, and how to publish a page. In addition, there are links to related HTML resources.

Robots.txt Information
Information about the ROBOTS.TXT file. The ROBOTS.TXT file is used to prevent Web robots from indexing some or all of a Web site. This is useful to exclude anything which is felt does not need to be included in search engines.

Saving HTML Form Data to XML
Usually form submissions are written to some sort of text file or database. If you need your form submission data to be more portable, however, it can be written to an XML file. This article will show you how.

The Web Design Resource
Offers a good collection of HTML, DHTML and JavaScript tutorials, as well as various Web design resources.

The Web Diner
The Web Diner site offers an assortment of helpful Web information, including a Gif89A tutorial, HTML class notes, Photoshop tips, a forms tutorial, downloadable art, and book reviews.
Beginner and intermediate HTML tutorials as well as an interactive CSS tutorial that allows you to practice your CSS without leaving the web site.

Web Expressions
Resource site with samples of Java, JavaScript, ActiveX and VBScript, as well as how-to information for creating HTML pages. Also includes many related links, sample pages and images.

Yahoo!'s HTML editors page
Yahoo!'s directory HTML editors.

Yahoo!'s HTML page
Yahoo!'s directory of HTML.

Yahoo!'s HTML to PostScript converters page
Yahoo!'s directory of HTML converters for PostScript documents.

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