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Last modified: Tuesday, August 06, 2002 

Pertains to any computer device or program that makes a computer capable of displaying and manipulating pictures. For example, laser printers and plotters are graphics devices because they permit the computer to output pictures. A graphics monitor is a display monitor that can display pictures. A graphics board (or graphics card) is a printed circuit board that, when installed in a computer, permits the computer to display pictures.

Many software applications include graphics components. Such programs are said to support graphics. For example, certain word processors support graphics because they let you draw or import pictures. All CAD/CAM systems support graphics. Some database management systems and spreadsheet programs support graphics because they let you display data in the form of graphs and charts. Such applications are often referred to as business graphics.

The following are also considered graphics applications :

  • paint programs : Allow you to create rough freehand drawings. The images are stored as bit maps and can easily be edited.
  • illustration/design programs: Supports more advanced features than paint programs, particularly for drawing curved lines. The images are usually stored in vector -based formats. Illustration/design programs are often called draw programs.
  • presentation graphics software : Lets you create bar charts, pie charts, graphics, and other types of images for slide shows and reports. The charts can be based on data imported from spreadsheet applications.
  • animation software: Enables you to chain and sequence a series of images to simulate movement. Each image is like a frame in a movie.
  • CAD software: Enables architects and engineers to draft designs.
  • desktop publishing : Provides a full set of word-processing features as well as fine control over placement of text and graphics, so that you can create newsletters, advertisements, books, and other types of documents.
  • In general, applications that support graphics require a powerful CPU and a large amount of memory. Many graphics applications -- for example, computer animation systems -- require more computing power than is available on personal computers and will run only on powerful workstations or specially designed graphics computers. This is true of all three-dimensional computer graphics applications.

    In addition to the CPU and memory, graphics software requires a graphics monitor and support for one of the many graphics standards. Most PC programs, for instance, require VGA graphics. If your computer does not have built-in support for a specific graphics system, you can insert a video adapter card.

    The quality of most graphics devices is determined by their resolution -- how many points per square inch they can represent -- and their color capabilities.

    Also see The Science of Color in the Did You Know . . . ? section of Webopedia.

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    For pages about graphics . Also check out the following links!

    Related Links

    Antialiasing and transparency tutorial 
    This page is an excellent resource those creating graphics for Web pages. It focuses on antialiasing and transparency in images, and offers descriptions and numerous examples. In addition, there are links within the descriptions for you to get more information on a subject.

    Computer graphics research sites 
    This collection of groups involved in computer graphic development is a great place to search for whatever aspect of computer graphics you are interested in. Many of the listings are of University groups, but a number are also businesses involved in this work.

    Computer graphics resource page 
    Provides a categorized list of topics (animation, desktop publishing, file formats, software, etc.) related to computer graphics.

    Corel Corporation home page 
    Corel's home page offers a search utility for locating product information, links to news, company information, a resource center, beta programs, conferences and tradeshow information, and service and support information. resource page 
    Offers numerous links to every aspect of desktop publishing. A few categories include: clip art, graphics, and image, computer related magazines, newsgroups, FAQs, file and FTP archives, and desktop publishing software information. A very good resource for desktop publishing professionals.

    Explanation on antialiasing graphic objects 
    Provides a guide for those creating graphics for the Web. Here you can find a definition on antialiasing, how it works, and how to achieve this effect. There are numerous graphic examples that go with each explanation.'s ServerWatch site 
    Contains updated news and resources on the lastest Web server technology and supporting tools. Includes information on audio/video, secure payment, firewalls, site development, site monitoring/performance, and usage analysis.

    Optimizing Web Graphics article on how to minimize file size and dithering for Web graphics. Includes sections on the color palette, color reduction, compression, tools and techniques, and several online references.

    Home page for the ACM Special Interest Group on computer graphics. The site hosts a collection of educational, career and art and design resources, as well as conference information, publications, and news and information about the group.

    Collection of free Web graphics
    This site hosts a collection of backgrounds, buttons, balls and bullets, theme sets, 3D objects, and links to other sites offering free graphics.

    Corel Photo-Paint 7 Plus
    Offers complete product information for Corel's Photo-Paint 7 Plus software.

    DNS and BIND Information and Articles
    Web Review article (April 1998) that explores DNS and BIND. Includes sections on commercial impact, people involved, history, and links to DNS and BIND resources.

    Downloadable graphic applications
    A good resource for locating free graphic application programs. This site offers links to download these applications, along with a full description, date, size of file, and creator/contact information.

    Free art Web site
    From Laurie McCanna, author of "Creating Great Web Graphics", this site provides links to free graphics, information on creating graphics for the Web, Adobe Photoshop tips, and book recommendations.
    A well-organized and searchable database of sites offering free web graphics, fonts, graphics software, tutorials, holiday graphics and more. Weekly downloads from a variety of well-known web artists and a free weekly newsletter.

    Fusion magazine
    This is the table of contents page for Fusion, an electronically distributed magazine devoted to bringing news, reviews and general ravings to interactive and graphic arts professionals.

    Graphics Depot
    Contains links to free graphics software and resources for fractal generation, screen savers, backgrounds, and 3-D image programs.

    Graphics viewers
    Contains information for individuals using graphics viewers, editors, and utilities. The information covers a wide range of programs for both Mac and Windows platforms.

    Internet-Tips' GIF info
    A brief overview of the GIF format. The pros and cons of using GIF images within your web site. Also overviewed are the different things you can do with GIF images including creating transparent sections, animations and interlacing.

    PC World's desktop publishing and graphics site
    Provides users with news articles, product reviews and comparisons, and a collection of desktop publishing, Web graphics, and multimedia tips.

    PCR Online
    Provides reviews of commercial PC software, shareware and games and includes sections for Web design tips, shareware and Java downloads, Shockwave and Internet events, book reviews, and articles from PC News.

    Ray Tracing News home page
    Ray Tracing News is an electronic magazine which deals with issues relating to computer graphics, including antialiasing.

    The Clip Art Connection
    Features links to clip art images and resources, animated worlds, type, and graphics utilities.

    The Font Site
    Offers practical information for type and graphics professionals. Includes articles, guides, links, and font and file downloads.

    The Graphics File Formats Page
    Deep technical specifications of the most popular graphic formats.

    Usenet FAQs on graphics
    A collection of FAQs on graphics, file formats, animation, and specific software.

    Web Graphics Resource
    The Web Graphics Resource contains links to hexadecimal color with color charts, common problems with Web graphics, and examples of decorative page elements created with tables and horizontal rules.

    Web icon and graphics archive
    Contains links to Web icon and graphics collections.

    Yahoo!'s computer graphics (non-business) page
    Yahoo!'s directory of computer graphics software information, particularly shareware, freeware, and applications.

    Yahoo!'s graphics page
    Yahoo!'s directory of computer and internet graphics. It includes links to a large number of sites offering everything from individually designed graphics to software, to computer animation.

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    ProPoint Graphics: Graphic Design for Presentations Designs and produces presentations. Its three primary offerings are production, graphic design, and presentation consulting (e.g. storyli

    eBay: Graphic Design ne and copy).

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