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Last modified: Thursday, March 21, 2002 

(1) A metaphor for describing the non-physical terrain created by computer systems. Online systems, for example, create a cyberspace within which people can communicate with one another (via e-mail), do research, or simply window shop. Like physical space, cyberspace contains objects (files, mail messages, graphics, etc.) and different modes of transportation and delivery. Unlike real space, though, exploring cyberspace does not require any physical movement other than pressing keys on a keyboard or moving a mouse.

Some programs, particularly computer games, are designed to create a special cyberspace, one that resembles physical reality in some ways but defies it in others. In its extreme form, called virtual reality, users are presented with visual, auditory, and even tactile feedback that makes cyberspace feel real.

The term was coined by author William Gibson in his sci-fi novel Neuromancer (1984).

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Kessler International: Cyber Evidence Gathering - Specializes in detecting Internet security breaches and collecting the evidence necessary for prosecution.

KnowledgeStorm: Software on Cyberspace Law IT Solutions - Business technology search site offering software, service, reseller and hardware information on thousands of IT solutions.

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